Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking to get better engagement on social media? Perhaps you want to drive more attention to your posts and/or increase traffic to your website for sales.

We know that social media can play a critical role in bringing more awareness and customers to our business. Yet, the key to creating engaging content on social may surprise you. Images and visuals play an important role and have their place in stopping the scroll.

However, the caption or the message is what drives conversations. 

So, how do you foster these conversations and, thus, create engaging social media content? Here are three proven steps how!

#1 Know Your Audience

The first step to creating a quality-rich content strategy is to understand the audience you serve. Oftentimes, many entrepreneurs come into business wanting to target everyone. Yet, this approach will leave you frustrated, burnt out, and broke.

However, when you’re focused on a specific audience you can better tailor your messages towards that individual. You understand their fears, desires, challenges, and goals. You can speak their language, making your social media content highly effective.

#2 Discover Their Most Pressing Questions

Next, you want to dig into your customer’s mind and discover what they’re asking. What are they searching for on social and Google? What do they want to know more about?

Whether you conduct a survey, call your customers up, or do a competitive analysis, collecting a list of these questions will serve as an awesome guide for your entire content strategy.

#3 Answer Them!

Armed with this knowledge, it’s now time to give your people what they want! The more you can address and answer their questions, the more you’re looked at as a trusted authority in your space.

You see, your ultimate goal is to be the sought-after go-to brand. A content strategy designed around your customers and their needs is the way to go!


The key is to be customer-centric in your content strategy. When you put the needs of your clients first, you’ll naturally draw them to your message.

Much success! The world is waiting for you.