YK Osiris self-described himself as “the golden child” with his debut album in 2019. Its lead single, “Worth It,” went on to become three times platinum and his first record to hit the Billboard 200.

Signed to Def Jam Recordings, the Florida native reached success at a young age.

Recently, YK Osiris shared how his choices in his earlier days turned into a financial crisis.

Spending Recklessly

During an interview with Vlad TV, the 23-year-old revealed that he spent his first $1 million in eight months when he was age 18.

“I spent that thing quick, boy…Taxes, [$200,000], gave my mama like a [$120,000], gave my daddy like a [$100,000]. Spent almost a [$100,000] on clothes, shoes passing through the time. Just buying unnecessary things that don’t make any type of sense.”

Owing Taxes

Although he blew through his money — including losing a $170,000 earring — he claims that he wouldn’t go back in time and change anything.

“I never would go back and rewind certain things because it was already written. It was supposed to happen. I look at it as it’s making me better in life. And you just learn from them things and move on.”

In his press run, he also stopped by The Breakfast Club, where he was transparent about going broke after his hit single. With trying to flex and keep up with top rappers in the scene, YK Osiris admitted that he spent recklessly on clothes, jewelry, twice-a-week haircuts, and more.

“I went broke so goddamn quick, man,” he admitted, according to Complex. “Three years ago, when ‘Worth It’ came out. Man, I blew that money so goddamn fast.”

He added: “By the time [taxes were due] my accountant say, ‘This how much you owe,’ I said, ‘Sh-t. I think I owed $190,000 or some shit. But it was crazy. The money went so quick, bruh. Like, when you don’t have it, it’s like you get it, your mindset change so many things. You start buying so many things.”

Debt To Fellow Rappers

Before his telltale, YK Osiris was a trending topic for owing multiple artists money such as Lil Baby and Drake.

According to the outlet, the Toronto rapper offered to clear his $60,000 debt if he were to perform “Worth It.”