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7 Resources To Help Students Along Their Scholarship Search

For many, attending a traditional college or university is still a part of the American dream. With thousands of schools to choose from across the United States, the options for locations, majors, and campus amenities are virtually endless. Still, with so many options, one thing every prospective student must face is the daunting costs of earning a degree. While the cost-benefit of attending college makes sense for those who desire that path, it doesn’t take away the reality of financing one of the most expensive experiences a person will embark upon. With mass criticism around student loan debt, students often seek scholarship opportunities to fund their education. Scholarships not only alleviate the cost burden of students but can usually lead to programmatic moments that can advance a person’s future. If funding your collegiate career is on your to-do list or you are helping a student navigate the financial aid process, tap into these resources to help ease the pain of the...

Jul 10, 2024