With the amount of talent, education, and sheer excellence within the Black community, “getting to the bag” is the easy part of the wealth journey. The more complex part of the journey is how wealth appreciates, and legacy is built.

Acknowledging that not all people are privileged to consistently invest in side-hustles, passion projects, or wealth-building tools (stock market, digital currency, etc.), each person who earns money in any capacity must consider two things when determining their next money move.

What are your liabilities, and what are your assets?

Financial advisor Rashad Bilal and educator Troy Millings, hosts of the popular podcast Earn Your Leisure, suggest that people should always choose assets over liabilities, which is why they have an entire show dedicated to the topic, presented by REVOLT.

The Intersectionality Of Hip-Hop And Finance

Bilal and Millings have mastered using the intersections of Black culture and financial well-being to highlight inspiring stories and provide an in-depth look into some of the best practices and the latest trends in finance.

As evidenced by the guests on their show, Rashad and Troy want people to lean into the lessons that are discussed and figure out ways they can apply them to their lives.

“When we interviewed YG, that was interesting because I didn’t know what to expect,” Bilal explained in an interview with AfroTech. “He was really vulnerable talking about his first record deal and how he was taken advantage of. He let us know what happened in the past and how people can learn from it.”

Having The Right Squad Is Important

One of the assets that Bilal and Millings are proponents of is making sure that people have the right group around them. According to the hosts, one can only go so far by themselves.

“Relationships will open doors that money can’t,” Millings said. “We know that what we can do together is far greater than what we can do individually. We go into every situation like that. Whether it’s someone who supports us or an influencer who has a following, you never know who you are going to meet.”

The Two Say NFTs Are Here To Stay

Bilal and Millings also touched on whether or not they think there is longevity in non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“I think NFTs will stand the tests of time. The technology for it will. The functionality for it will. Will some of the NFTs that exist right now fizzle out? I’m sure they will. However, for the long-term, the functionality is the most important part, which can be used over time,” Millings explained.

“Whenever you do something just to make money, I don’t feel like that’s the way to go about it [NFTs]. It’s like the ‘dot com’ era. A lot of websites failed, but the internet is still here. The NFT space is the same. The strong projects will still be around,” Bilal added.

Financial Literacy Is The Vibe

No matter what types of investments people are most interested in, Bilal and Millings want those who follow them to be educated in what they are doing and pursue financial well-being from a place of wisdom. The two have a long list of guests who have contributed to their mission of helping people develop tools and strategies that will be beneficial to wealth accumulation.

While the current list of guests is impressive, the two have deep aspirations for the future. They would love to have Jay-Z and Diddy on the show, and if times would have played out differently, Nipsey Hussle and Virgil Abloh.

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