Discussions surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) suggest that the market is volatile and could be facing some significant challenges soon. But the creators entering the NFT community are responding with the words of former Atlanta Housewives star Porsha Williams, “Who said that?”

This week, AfroTech learned about several new NFT offerings, and we are here as your trusted guide to give you the rundown of each one.

Dining In The Digital World

A Taiwan fried chicken shop has launched an NFT for its fried chicken and other food offerings.

Founded in 1984, Shiyun offers fried chicken nuggets, broccoli, and king mushrooms, and customers have fallen in love with their products, Business Insider reports. Now, the fried chicken shop has taken their popular food and minted NFTs to represent them.

Launched on the blockchain platform, Oursong, the NFTs are listed at OSD$1 (USD 1). NFT holders can turn their digital tokens into tangible goods. Each owner will have the option to show proof of ownership for one in-restaurant food item.

California Love

Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur has long been the center of conversations regarding the reality of his after-life journey. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of that conversation, Shakur will live on in the digital world.

TMZ reports the late rapper’s last album, “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory,” cover art will be turned into a one-of-one NFT. The controversial piece depicts Shakur as Jesus Christ during the crucifixion.

Designed by Riskie Forever, the art was recovered after the original piece was sold back in 2015. The original work and the exclusive NFT will be up for auction by Heritage Auctions on June 18 in Dallas, TX. Starting bids will begin at $125,000.

A New Game Plan

GameStop had public struggles with its revenue and operations. Despite the turmoil, the gaming organization announced it is entering the NFT community.

The company’s NFT Twitter account tweeted a simple morning salutation as its first tweet teasing the emerging NFT marketplace.

According to Digital Trends, GameStop’s NFT marketplace is built on the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency platform Immutable X. Serving as a place for in-game assets; the NFTs will sell for a low price. Originally slated to launch in July, co-founder of Immutable X, Robbie Ferguson, noted that the platform could launch a month sooner than expected.

Universal Music Goes Digital And Beyond

Kendrick Lamar recently released his latest album, “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers.” The label behind the Compton-based rapper is allowing its artists to create NFTs via LimeWire, according to Decrypt.

LimeWire will have its own Algorand-based marketplace and signed a deal with Universal Music Group to have its artists’ content on the platform.

Previously known for its peer-to-peer music sharing capability, the tech company is relaunching as an NFT marketplace. The move comes after competitor Napster made a similar move on the Algorand platform.

While no artists have committed to releasing NFTs in this capacity, all associated acts with Universal Music Group will have the opportunity to do so in the future.