When it comes to matters of mental health, this woman wants us all to live well!

Toni Jones is a loving, creative, trailblazing artist using the power of music to continue her work as a mental health advocate for women.

“I use my platform in a way that is nourishing to me first,” said Jones in an interview with AfroTech. “The platforms that I use feel good to me because when you are in a place of service or innovation or anything like that, you can find yourself being all over the place and so it’s important for me to use platforms that make it easy and seamless for me.”

For her, that tool is music which she distributes through DistroKid in order to avoid going through all of the streaming platforms to upload her music.

It actually wasn’t until last year that she turned to music to help not only herself but others along the way.

After experiencing burnout from the one-on-one sessions with other women as a professional life coach, Jones realized that through affirmation music she could help women heal on the go.

“I can’t always do the work for them because they don’t have time and so God gave me the idea of affirmation music,” shared Jones. “I went to California the summer of 2018, wrote the album, came back home to Detroit, Michigan applied for a loan, received that loan, and got in the studio to record.”

From there “Affirmations For The Grown-Ass Woman” was birthed.

“I look back at my whole life and am like, ‘this was preparing me for music. Life was preparing me for music,’” she continued. “I can’t believe a dream is coming true that I never dreamed of.”

Jones was intentional in creating the nine tracks that would make up her first affirmation album.

“I wanted the number nine to represent the nine months it takes to create a human being,” explained Jones. “So I was like, ‘I want to create nine tracks that when women push play, it’s like a whole new world, like labor, birth, and a whole new women and they get to birth her with these nine tracks.’”

She explains how fun it was to create this masterpiece and the three things that each person should take away when listening to the music she creates.

“When people listen to my music I definitely want them to first honor that voice inside leading them to take care of themselves, acknowledge that music is healing, that it has the medicine and legacy of healing people, and that it is a mental health tool. Lastly, I want them to understand that mindfulness is worth the investment and so with that being said, we must support the entrepreneurs and innovators, and young minds that are really trying to bring healing.

Check out “Affirmations For The Grown-Ass Woman,” and more healing music from Toni Jones by clicking here.