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Triller Goes Beyond Its Verzuz Acquisition As It Reportedly 'Pursues' IPO

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz stepped up to the plate during the pandemic to add some joy through the concept of Verzuz. After much success and some questionable head-to-head musical battles, Triller acquired Verzuz from the two musical icons. Oh, what a tale of American economics. Many culturalists speculated that the acquisition would water down the impact of Verzuz. Others saw Triller’s money move as an attempt to stay relevant, specifically against its ever-popular competitor — Tik Tok. Whether any of those speculations are true, Triller is in the news again. This time, the short video app filed official paperwork with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to take the company public.

Josh Rodgers

Jul 1, 2022

DeAndre Brown Goes Viral On TikTok For Mocking Gen-Z and Millennials, But Finds There Is More To The Story

For decades on end, individuals from different generations have been engaged in notable conversations about the difference and nuances that exist between them. From Baby Boomers to Gen-Z, every generation has “a way” of doing things that influence the generation’s characteristics and identity. These days, people use TikTok to help spread these messages as well. Viral TikTok star, DeAndre Brown, has taken advantage of this generational phenomenon (specifically between Millennials and Generation Z) with videos meant to poke fun at generation differences in the workplace. As the self-proclaimed “corporate baddy”, Brown soon found that the two generations had more in common than their differences. Based on a report from Insider, Brown is an early 20-something working in consumer banking. He notes that he is the youngest person on his team based in Dallas, TX. It was this age difference that inspired him to join TikTok in mid-2021 to talk through his experience as a recent graduate of...

Josh Rodgers

Apr 13, 2022

This 22-Year-Old TikToker Uses Her Platform to Teach Black American Sign Language

Nakia Smith — also known as Charmay — is the 22-year-old TikToker teaching Black American Sign Language (BASL) one viral video at a time. Charmay is the fourth deaf generation of five generations, and according to Blavity, she’s using her experience to educate people on not only sign language but the deaf community as well. Her videos have allowed her to accumulate over 300,000 followers and include her siblings, grandparents, and great-great-grandparents, all of whom are deaf as well. Each video has a particular focus on American Sign Language (ASL) and BASL  and also educates people on the best way to interact with members of the deaf community. Recently, Smith partnered with Netflix to create a video that explains that the particular ASL dialect, BASL, was actually created because of segregated schools. Black American Sign Language? What You Know About That? Meet Nakia Smith a.k.a. Charmay (@realcaunsia). She's the 4th deaf generation of five generations, and she is here to...

Shanique Yates

Dec 7, 2020

Julian Bass Inks Deal With ICM Partners After TikTok Special Effects Video Goes Viral

While many TikTok videos garner thousands of views and eventually go viral, few users are able to take their talents beyond the five minutes of social media fame. However, Julian Bass, a special effects artist, musical theater actor, short film writer, producer, and director, not only captured millions of views but caught the attention of International Creative Management (ICM) partners, one of the world’s leading talent agencies. According to Deadline , Bass posted a visual effects (VFX) video on his TikTok to pay homage to some of his favorite superheroes, including Spider-man, Jedi Knights, and Ben 10. After showcasing his VFX skills he soon received a call from media giants James Gunn, Josh Gad, Matthew Cherry , Peter Ramsey, and Bob Iger, executive chairman of The Walt Disney Company. Bass’ plan to rally his social media following in efforts to help spread the word worked just as he predicted. The video has garnered over 23 million views and a tweet from Iger himself. The...

Devin Crudup

Jul 22, 2020

How Teens On TikTok Trolled Donald Trump & Ruined His Campaign Rally In Tulsa

In the weeks leading up to Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the president received backlash for wanting to host his first rally of the year on Juneteenth in the city that was once home to Black Wall Street. He pushed the rally to June 20th, but that was not good enough for those who did not want the streets of Tulsa overthrown by his racist followers. On June 15,  Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce that nearly one million MAGA supporters would be attending his campaign rally in downtown Tulsa. “Almost One Million people request tickets for the Saturday Night Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” he tweeted. At every turn, he made it a point to brag about the huge attendance at his upcoming rally. Compilation of people bragging about a million people signing up for the rally — Acyn (@Acyn) June 21, 2020 In anticipation of such a large turnout, the BOK Center, which only has a...

Stephanie Ogbogu

Jun 21, 2020