In the weeks leading up to Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the president received backlash for wanting to host his first rally of the year on Juneteenth in the city that was once home to Black Wall Street. He pushed the rally to June 20th, but that was not good enough for those who did not want the streets of Tulsa overthrown by his racist followers.

On June 15,  Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce that nearly one million MAGA supporters would be attending his campaign rally in downtown Tulsa.

“Almost One Million people request tickets for the Saturday Night Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” he tweeted.

At every turn, he made it a point to brag about the huge attendance at his upcoming rally.

In anticipation of such a large turnout, the BOK Center, which only has a capacity of 19,200, created an outdoor overflow stage to accommodate additional attendees who would not be able to fit inside the event space. However, what they didn’t know, is that they wouldn’t be needing the extra space. In fact, under 6,200 Trump supporters would be attending the rally thanks to a bunch of proactive teens on social media.

Gen Z took to TikTok to announce that they registered for tickets to Trump’s rally and instead of actually going, they’d be doing more important things with their time. It quickly became a viral trend on the app.

@thiqbishDuet your confirmation that you took seats to the trump rally (which I’m tOOTTTALLLY going to use wink wink)with @indiefilmprotagonist ##greenscreen♬ Macarena – Bass Bumpers Remix Radio Edit – Los Del Rio

Even older TikTokers got involved in the cause.

Things really took off when K-Pop fans got ahold of the trend.

People all over the country, young, old, Black, and white, registered for a set of tickets and watched the event fall apart from the comfort of their homes.


The result of their efforts was tons of empty seats in the arena and the overflow stage being taken down before the event even started. Embarrassing!

While the TikTokers didn’t stop others from being able to get tickets or attend the rally if they really wanted to, the creative bunch certainly inflated the number of attendees and fooled Donald Trump’s team into thinking more people would be showing up. In the words of Chloe x Halle, “the kids are alright” and this just proved it.