While many TikTok videos garner thousands of views and eventually go viral, few users are able to take their talents beyond the five minutes of social media fame. However, Julian Bass, a special effects artist, musical theater actor, short film writer, producer, and director, not only captured millions of views but caught the attention of International Creative Management (ICM) partners, one of the world’s leading talent agencies.

According to Deadline, Bass posted a visual effects (VFX) video on his TikTok to pay homage to some of his favorite superheroes, including Spider-man, Jedi Knights, and Ben 10. After showcasing his VFX skills he soon received a call from media giants James Gunn, Josh Gad, Matthew Cherry, Peter Ramsey, and Bob Iger, executive chairman of The Walt Disney Company.

Bass’ plan to rally his social media following in efforts to help spread the word worked just as he predicted. The video has garnered over 23 million views and a tweet from Iger himself.

“The world’s gonna know your name,” Iger said via Twitter.

Deadline reports ICM has signed on to represent Bass along with his current rep, Nina Shaw of Del Shaw Moonves.