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Careers In Tech: Nike’s Senior Director Of Technology Transformation Is Charting The Path Ahead

Transformers isn’t just the title of a blockbuster franchise. It’s also a spot-on description of the innovative team members at Nike. As we all know, the world of technology is a part of an ever-evolving continuum. Lorry Perkins is one of the transformative team members driving the ongoing change that occurs in technology. And although she’s only been the Senior Director of the Technology Transformation Office for two years, her impact is substantial to those on the Global Technology team. The core of Perkins’ work is giving Nike the tools to think about how it responds to the different waves of tech as well as learning how the company can upscale employees throughout global technology. “I prioritize career growth by ensuring [people] always have resources to connect them back to growth and stretch opportunities,” Perkins explained. As an advocate for career development among BIPOC team members, Perkins leverages Nike’s resources to promote and encourage learning and networking....

Josh Rodgers

Mar 25, 2022

Careers In Tech: Nike Engineer Shares How Innovation Can Break Barriers In Tech

Nike believes that if you have a body, you’re an athlete. This perspective has changed the game for how the company approaches its products and people. Vincent Sanders is aligned with this approach, and he’s committed to using his voice and perspective to help change the world. For him, the mantra “Just Do It” is about more than just getting it done. It’s connected to breaking down barriers and eliminating issues that can hinder success. Although he graduated with an engineering background, Saunders’ journey to Nike was unconventional. His first job was as a systems analyst in the financial services industry. It was during that time that he realized he wanted a role that offered a more hands-on approach to technology. This is where his work with Nike began. Currently, in his fourth year at Nike, Sanders is a Senior Applications Engineer on the price optimization team. In this role , Sanders helps business planners make well-informed price decisions. He’s also responsible for...

Josh Rodgers

Mar 18, 2022

Careers In Tech: Nike’s Olivia McNeil Shares How Innovation Is The Key To The Future

If Biggie Smalls’ opening lyric to “Juicy” — “It was all a dream… ” — was a person and path, it would be Olivia McNeil and her journey with Nike. During her senior year in college, McNeil was approached by a recruiter about an open internship with Nike. As an aspiring mechanical engineer, she was skeptical but decided to take the chance and apply for the role anyway. The risk was well worth it. After applying, she was hired as an intern, which led to completing a summer rotation with Nike. The journey continued when she was offered a full-time role as a mechanical engineer in the Global Sourcing and Manufacturing department. Just after a year in this position, she’s on the Innovation Transition team. “We bring the artistry into it and the technicality into it. We’re [basically] the middleman between those two teams — the engineers and the designers,” McNeil explains. The possibilities are endless as McNeil’s team takes designs from the drawing board and translates them into a...

Josh Rodgers

Mar 15, 2022

Marketing Manager Melsha Key Feels Seen And Heard Working For Gap Inc.

It’s one thing to find a job and a whole other thing to work at a place where you feel respected, appreciated and understood. Marketing professional Melsha Key found that sweet spot with Gap Inc. “I’ve had the opportunity to be seen, to be heard, to feel like I have a seat at the table and to feel valued,” she says. As a marketing manager at Banana Republic, Key creates strategies and campaigns to roll out customer products and programs. The project she’s most proud of is the integrated rewards program the company launched in 2021. It allows customers to rack up and redeem points when they shop across the four Gap Inc. brands: Old Navy, Gap, Athleta and Banana Republic. “This is a win for the customer because they can deepen their relationships. But also it’s a win for our company because we learn more about the customer and the customer’s journey, therefore meeting our business objectives: increasing spend, increasing frequency and building those lifetime loyalists.” In addition to...

Brandi Hunter

Jan 24, 2022

Careers In Tech: Meet Gap Inc. VP Of Tech Ops And Cloud Engineering Conrad Meneide

Twitter might have you thinking college grads and young professionals are the only ones working in tech, but the truth is the field has plenty of seasoned technologists. Conrad Meneide, Vice President of Tech Ops and Cloud Engineering at Gap Inc., is one of those industry veterans. Meneide has worked in tech for more than 26 years. At Gap Inc., he’s responsible for managing and innovating foundational technology for the family of brands: Gap, Old Navy, Athleta and Banana Republic. “We are the builders of the interstate highway that gets features to our customers,” he says. At Gap Inc., the engineers and developers deliver best-in-class retail technology for teams and customers. The tech ops and cloud engineering team is responsible for leading the evolution, modernization and performance of tools and shared services. That means, if you work at Gap Inc. or shop at one of the stores, Meneide’s team enabled or created the technology you interact with. Meneide also uses his role as an...

Brandi Hunter

Jan 15, 2022

Black Women In Tech: Meet Gap Inc. UX Designer Kimberly Ezeama

As a user experience designer for Gap Inc., Kimberly Ezeama’s work focuses on reducing the likelihood of online shoppers wanting to speak to the manager. She designs cart and checkout experiences and profile and account pages for customers across the four Gap Inc. brands — Old Navy, Gap, Athleta and Banana Republic. Simply put: “I try to make the website(s) easy to use and to shop on,” she says. A recent example of her work was helping launch Gap Inc.’s integrated loyalty program. The team redesigned the part of the checkout process where customers select their shipping speed. The improvements significantly reduced the number of customers who leave the checkout without making a purchase. Ezeama is new to the retail tech field and Gap Inc., having been with the company for just a year after transitioning from a job in health care. “It’s been an exciting experience because I’ve been learning so many new things. My team is super, super supportive.” The role has allowed her to tap into...

Brandi Hunter

Nov 10, 2021