Twitter might have you thinking college grads and young professionals are the only ones working in tech, but the truth is the field has plenty of seasoned technologists. Conrad Meneide, Vice President of Tech Ops and Cloud Engineering at Gap Inc., is one of those industry veterans.

Meneide has worked in tech for more than 26 years. At Gap Inc., he’s responsible for managing and innovating foundational technology for the family of brands: Gap, Old Navy, Athleta and Banana Republic.

“We are the builders of the interstate highway that gets features to our customers,” he says. At Gap Inc., the engineers and developers deliver best-in-class retail technology for teams and customers. The tech ops and cloud engineering team is responsible for leading the evolution, modernization and performance of tools and shared services. That means, if you work at Gap Inc. or shop at one of the stores, Meneide’s team enabled or created the technology you interact with.

Meneide also uses his role as an opportunity to guide new employees, advising them to be relentless as they work to advance Gap Inc. and their careers. “We are hoping we can build the next generation of diverse talent from this organization that really helps us reimagine technology.”

As an experienced tech professional, Meneide understands how a company’s values play a role in consumer choices, highlighting the Old Navy BODEQUALITY project as an example of Gap Inc.’s efforts in inclusivity. 

“Customers love to shop with someone who believes in the things they believe in,” he says. “The work we’re doing with sustainability globally, the social justice causes we take [on]. We also launched Old Navy clothing for all sizes at the same price.”

Meneide’s longevity and wisdom in a dynamic field is an inspiration and example for Black professionals in the tech industry. Learn how you can move your career forward at Gap Inc. 

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with Gap, Inc.