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24 African Startups Get Funding In Y Combinator's Winter Awards, Appears In The Top Three For The First Time

People don’t refer to her as Mother Africa for nothing. The home of some of the world’s greatest natural resources is getting an economic boost with 24 African startups chosen to receive funding for startups. As released by Tech Crunch, Y Combinator released its most recent batch of awardees – W22 – that will receive seed funding for new businesses. Of the 414 startups representing over 80 sectors that are a part of this batch, the continent of Africa has received notable funding with Nigeria ranking third, having delivered 18 startups. Per the company’s norm, the United States has the most representation and India ranks second with 32 startups a part of this most recent batch. Although the United States has the largest amount of representation from a single country each year, about 50 percent of Y Combinator’s awardees come from countries outside of the country. Based on previous award batches, this is the first time an African nation has appeared this high on the list. With 24...

Apr 6, 2022

MaC VC Managing Partner Marlon Nichols Gives A Play-By-Play On Investing In Valuable Companies

Let’s talk equity and investing! The latest episode of Black Tech Green Money is a blast from the past with Marlon Nichols — a founding managing partner at MaC Venture Capital — from AfroTech 2017. For those who may not understand the ins and outs of startup funding rounds and all that it entails, listen closely because Nichols gives AfroTech a good play-by-play.

Dec 28, 2021

Kelauni Jasmyn’s Raises $25M To Invest In Black-Led Tech Startups

Navigating the tech space as a Black entrepreneur requires a certain level of perseverance to ultimately see their innovative ideas turn into reality. It’s this relentless determination that took Kelauni Jasmyn’s paper napkin idea to recently closing in on $25 million for her national technology venture fund — Black Tech Nation Ventures ( — in under a year.

Dec 13, 2021

Google Ventures GP Tyson Clark Passes Away At The Age Of 43

Tyson Clark, a general partner with Google Ventures, has passed away. He was 43-years-old. Part of one a growing — albeit small — list of Black VCs, Clark was also a veteran of the armed forces. During his armed forces career, Clark became a naval nuclear propulsion submarine officer and led the boat’s scuba diving team. He joined Google Ventures — the investment arm of Alphabet, the parent company of Google — six years ago, and has been impactful in the field ever since. Bloomberg reports that Clark led the investments into such companies as Lightmatter, Ethos, and, which was acquired by Palo Alto Networks Inc. Prior to joining Google Ventures, Clark was an investment banking associate at Morgan Stanley, and a director of corporate development at Oracle Corp. He also spent six years at Andreessen Horowitz, and served on the board of trustees at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Most importantly, Clark was also a proud father of three children.

Meet The Black Venture Capitalists Who Are Not Only Raising Millions But Changing The Status Quo

It’s no secret that the startup world needs more Black investors and venture capitalists. Inc. Magazine reports Black founders are raising “record amounts of venture capital” in 2021, even though they only rang in 1.2 percent of all venture capital in the first half of the year. Last year, Black founders received only 0.6 percent of venture capital (VC) deployed. That’s unacceptable, and Black investors are stepping up to the plate to change that. Some notable Black venture capitalists making major moves in the VC world include Jarrid Tingle, co-founder and managing partner of Harlem Capital; Marlon Nichols, managing general partner at MaC Venture Capital; and Austin Clements, partner at Slauson & Co. The trio will hit the virtual stage at AfroTech 2021 during the “Black VCs: Raising Millions with a Mission” panel to discuss how they are working to raise millions of dollars to diversify venture capital investments. Ultimately, Nichols, Clements and Tingle want to put more dollars in...

Oct 29, 2021

BLCK VC Launches Scout Network To Better Support Aspiring Black Investors

Nonprofit firm BLCK VC teamed up with Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners to launch a network that supports the next generation of Black investors. There has been an emergence of scout programs in the venture capital sector, which have helped better connect founders, operators, and angel investors (If you’re unsure of what venture capital scouts are, think of them as the bridge between venture funds and promising companies looking for support). Through the BLCK VC Scout Network, Black investors will be able to tap into training, mentoring and networking opportunities. BLCK VC launched this initiative after recently discovering that only three percent of venture capital investors are Black. The firm is working to increase diversity in venture capital, so this new network is a step in the right direction. The BLCK VC Scout Network program will take place over six months, across three phases focused on education, community , and deal flow. Twice a year, BLCK VC will welcome...

Jul 13, 2021

Arlan Hamilton Uses Her Platform to Add to What Founders Have Already Brought to the Table

Arlan Hamilton has been shaking things up in the venture capital space and wants to help others build and do the same. As the founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital, Hamilton has been on a mission to invest in women, people of color, and LGBT founders. Much like other industries, the venture capital space gets it wrong when it comes to investing in Black founders, but Hamilton wants to use her platform to be an additive to what creators have already built. For Hamilton, it’s about what a founder has done before they’ve gotten into the room to invest in the team. “People have incredible stories and feats that they’ve overcome to get where they are,” said Hamilton on the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money. While they rarely invest financially at the idea stage, Hamilton says this is where they invest emotionally. “There’s a lot of data to look at but ultimately, that early, I’m looking at it like this, ‘Is this person going to wake up every day and breathe life into...

Mar 23, 2021

Findings Suggest These Silicon Valley VCs are Least Likely to Invest in Black Businesses

Diversity and inclusivity have been trending since protests against systemic racism reached fever pitch this summer. As many companies scrambled to prove their support of Black lives, other entities have continued to shutout Black creativity, ideas, and wealth. Ahead of the new year, The Startup Pill reported on Silicon Valley’s top 25 venture capital firms least likely to invest in founders of color. The information is compiled of data from The Black Founders List, which serves as a running historical record of Black founders and the investors who invested in them. The list names well-known firms that have less than five Black-led investments while boasting thousands of investments and billions in revenue. The Startup Pill says that only one percent of venture-backed companies are led by Black founders. “On a macro level, the lack of diversity in the industry is a problem because it means most of the money flows to types of founders VCs understand — businesses with white men of a...

Dec 31, 2020

Meet the Black Professionals in Venture Capital Who Made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List

The highly anticipated Forbes 30 Under 30 list just hit the net and we’ve got our eyes on the Black professionals making waves — specifically in the world of venture capital. Check out the Black powerhouses who made the list below: Frederik Groce, Principal, Storm Ventures and Co-founder of BLCK VC LinkedIn Maya Horgan Famodu, Founder of Ingressive Capital LinkedIn Nnamdi Iregbulem,Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners LinkedIn Solomon Hailu, Vice President of March Capital LinkedIn Jackson Cummings, Investor at Salesforce Ventures LinkedIn Terri Burns,Partner at GV LinkedIn Eric Campbell, Partner at Value Investment Group LinkedIn Congratulations to all of the changemakers who made the list — continue to pave the way and shake things up! — Disclaimer: GV is an investor in Blavity Inc., owner of AfroTech.

Dec 1, 2020

VC Firm Backstage Capital Releases Five-Year Recap Detailing Its Impact on the VC World and Its Communities

The venture capital world can be quite intimidating for ambitious founders looking for funding, especially those among underrepresented groups that are often left out of those opportunities. Back in 2015, Backstage Capital founder, Arlan Hamilton set out to create a venture capital fund that offered more opportunities for people like her –– Black, people of color, women, LGBTQIA+. In turn, she founded a company that in five short years has invested in over 150 underserved founders. As Backstage Capital celebrates its fifth impactful year in business, the firm has also released a five-year recap report — developed by The Plug and its contributors Sherrell Dorsey, Ashley Black, and Gizelle Clemmons — detailing all the progress it’s made in the venture capital world and its communities. Commissioned by Backstage and prepared by @Sherrell_Dorsey and @tpinsights , our 5 Years of Impact Report is live! It details our impact from 2015-2020 and what’s next for us. Check it out:...

Nov 25, 2020

Meet the 6 Emerging GPs Who Are Now Recipients of Alpaca VC's $2.5M Diversity Commitment

Alpaca VC just revealed the six emerging GPs (General Partners) selected for their $2.5 million diversity commitment! Back in July, the company vowed to write three to five checks ranging from $500,000 to $1,000,000 each, according to a blog post . However, they ultimately ended up writing six thanks to their initiative to commit $2.5 million of independent GP capital to Black and Latino/Latina investing partners. “We are thrilled to partner with these managers to create an impact in the ecosystem while driving impact to our fund,” the company wrote in an article on Medium . “Our chosen, diverse GPs can provide us access to underserved founder networks far better than we can ourselves today. In turn, we can help these select GPs beyond just providing them money. We can follow on to their investments; we can introduce them to LPs and other funding sources, and we can help them institutionalize their fund and processes. A truly synergistic relationship.” The process wasn’t easy, with...

Oct 26, 2020

BLCK VC Launches Educational Program to Turn 300 Black Entrepreneurs Into Angel Investors

Nonprofit firm BLCK VC was designed to increase diversity in venture capital. Staying true to their goal, co-founders Sydney Sykes and Frederik Groce have launched the Black Venture Institute , an educational initiative dedicated to helping Black operators become angel investors. In a formal announcement , BLCK VC says that the institute is the brainchild of a partnership with Operator Collective , Salesforce Ventures , and Berkeley Haas School of Business. “These partners joined us on a journey that has been three years in the making, a journey built on the premise that if we want to make venture capital (and by extension the tech industry) a more diverse and equitable ecosystem, then we need to be the catalysts for this change,” said Groce. Today, we are excited to be announcing the Black Venture Institute! We are building structural solutions to structural problems. This is about education & access. Shout-out to our partners @SalesforceVC , @OperatorCollect and @BerkeleyHaas...

Oct 14, 2020

Kobe Bryant, The Basketball Legend and Venture Capitalist

Kobe Bryant was a basketball legend. In his 20-year NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers, he won five championships, was an All-Star 18 times, and was selected to be on the All-NBA team 15 times. On Sunday, he — along with eight people — died in a helicopter crash. His 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Bryant, was one of the victims. While Bryant was best-known for his career on the court, many are unaware of his deep involvement in the tech scene in LA. He was an active entrepreneur who found a talent in “ storytelling for brands ” — Bryant said, while talking investments with USA TODAY. He began his VC career before he retired from basketball as the co-founder of Bryant Stibel & Co. According to their website: “Bryant Stibel was founded in 2013 to provide strategy, capital, and operational support to businesses with a focus across technology, media, and data.” Here are some of the legend’s off-court successes: ringDNA ringDNA is a “sales engagement platform that helps businesses...

Jan 28, 2020

5 Black-Owned Venture Capitalist Firms To Fund Your Startup

The number of Black business owners in America is growing at an exponential pace. In fact, the number of African American-owned businesses in the U.S . grew by 60% in recent years. Yet, according to the Census Bureau, of the 949,318 minority-owned businesses in the U.S., Black companies account for only 11.4%. A major reason for the lack of Black-owned businesses is the struggle to obtain sufficient funding. In a world where the odds seem to be stacked against Black entrepreneurs, it’s highly imperative for Blacks to support each other. That’s where Black-owned venture capitalist firms come in. Here are just a few firms you can work with to get your startup off the ground.   Related: Black-Owned VC Firm Closes On $22M Fund For Underrepresented Founders 1. BLACK ANGEL TECH FUND After a panel about the lack of Black startup founders during the 2015 Stanford Black Alumni Summit, a group of Black entrepreneurs and angel investors started the Black Angel Tech Fund . The firm uses funds...

Jan 23, 2020

Ready to Launch Your Startup? Here are Five Ways to Raise Capital

Launching a company is difficult, and limited funding is the most common barrier to entry to the startup world. Do you have a great idea, but you’re trying to figure out how to fund it? Are you already running a startup, but cash is running out fast? Here are some ways to raise capital for your startup: Save Money Saving money isn’t easy, but it’s the most straightforward way to raise funds for your business. If you’re still working a regular full-time job, commit to saving a part of your current salary to help fund your dreams. Review your monthly expenses and eliminate unnecessary expenses like subscriptions and expensive lunches. If you live with roommates or a significant other, consider sharing expenses to reduce cost per person. This might include shopping in bulk, sharing an Amazon Prime account (or any subscription for that matter), and taking advantage of family memberships at the gym. If you’re already committed to your startup on a full-time basis, you should be auditing...

Jan 13, 2020