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4 Black Women Purchased A D.C. Apartment Building For $75K in 1986, Now It May Be Worth More Than $1M

An unlikely situation turned into the creation of friends and then family. Now, they’re ready to close the chapter on where it all began.

Nov 27, 2023

After Buying Property For $500K For His Atlanta Business, 2 Chainz Says He's 'Doubled Or Tripled' His Investment

2 Chainz finding himself stepping into real estate was a seed planted by his mother.

Aug 18, 2023

Rotimi Shares The Investment He Made After Not Touching His 'Power' Checks For 6 Seasons

Implementing a lesson learned in his life helped make Rotimi’s finances stay in the green.

Jul 25, 2023

Rich Homie Quan Reveals How He Made Over $1M Last Year Without 'A Music Check Involved'

The era when Rich Homie Quan was a force in Hip-Hop is one to reminisce about. Unfortunately, the Atlanta rapper’s takeover was unexpectedly cut short after he sued his former label, Think It’s A Game Entertainment, for allegedly swindling him out of $2 million, per TMZ. The lawsuit is still ongoing, but it didn’t stop him from setting out on his own path.

Dec 2, 2022

Former Sports Professionals Join Real Estate Firm To Help Athletes And Entertainers Make Wise Investments

Real estate agency Aston Rose is an example of what it looks like when athletes tap into the industry. Co-founded by WNBA legend and real estate agent Lisa Leslie, the real estate firm aims to help advance figures in the worlds of sports and entertainment, Wall Street Journal reports. Alongside Leslie are fellow former sports professionals Rod Watson, Rob Hite, and Tomi Rose. The four co-founders joined together in order to be a source of guidance for the industry they initially came from by “connecting the dots for these athletes and entertainers, helping them understand what are some good investments and what are not, some pitfalls on things they should avoid, and figuring out how we can create general wealth.” “I’ve gone through it,” Leslie told the outlet. “I am a pro athlete who experienced making money, and sometimes, especially in the African American community, we [athletes] are the first earners of millions of dollars in the family.”

Mar 25, 2022

Oak Impact Group's Erik Murray Aims To Bring More Black Real Estate Brokers And Developers Into The Industry

Erik Murray began his journey in commercial real estate in 2004, and 17 years later, the same thought crosses his mind: There’s not enough diversity. The lack thereof drove him to envision the possibility of him creating his own company to create what he wanted to see within the industry. Owing gratitude to becoming one of a few from his background to get his foot in the door, Murray was dedicated to finding a way to pay it forward in bringing more who looked like him into the space. “It’s almost a secret that is kept from us,” Murray told AfroTech. “Even though I grew up in a highly educated, middle-class, Black family, my mom and dad always kept saying, ‘Son, you have to be a doctor or a lawyer.’ No one said you can be a real estate broker. You can be a real estate developer.” He continued: “So, I made it my goal that once I ‘learned the game,’ I was going to build a firm that was not only Black-owned but went out of our way to create pathways and opportunities for other aspiring...

Feb 20, 2022

Ayesha Selden Went From South Philly Projects to Building a Million-Dollar Real Estate Portfolio at Age 30

Ayesha Selden — who dubs herself “#WealthTwitter’s fav auntie” — is the very definition of both Black excellence and a self-made millionaire. And as she told the Buy The Hood podcast, the way she did it was actually pretty simple. “Condition yourself as a saver first,” she said. “There are steps to this game. You can’t go from one end of the process all the way to a disciplined investor and think that everything is going to be gravy. I always say that someone who hasn’t mastered the art of being a saver first…how are you going to be a landlord if you don’t have any money saved? If you can’t figure out how to save reserve money, you are going to lose your house and destroy your credit. Figure out how to be a saver first, then investor, and then a disciplined investor.” But life wasn’t always easy for Ayesha Selden. Her mother — a single mother — raised her in what Entrepreneur calls “one of the most under-resourced areas of South Philly,” which is quite the euphemism if ever there...

Meet the Millennial Leveraging Entrepreneurship and Ownership Through His Brand, More Than A 9 To 5

Timothy Webb, Jr. started lifestyle brand — More Than A 9 To 5 —  to generate more conversations around Black people’s mindset surrounding financial literacy, ownership, gentrification, and beyond. However, Webb has managed to do more than just create conversations. The 30-year-old is now actually taking problems like gentrification into his own hands through the real estate industry all while still working his day job. Outside of being in constant relationship with others, as someone who’s well-versed in the tech space, working for companies like GE and currently a company that supports cybersecurity for the federal government, he also uses his technology background to run his business. Whether it’s securing rental payments for his property through their electronic web portal or building his own website for his company, More Than A 9 To 5, Webb is equipped with the knowledge to keep things running both at the forefront and in background. “I think so many people hide behind a title...

Nov 27, 2020