Real estate agency Aston Rose is an example of what it looks like when athletes tap into the industry.

Co-founded by WNBA legend and real estate agent Lisa Leslie, the real estate firm aims to help advance figures in the worlds of sports and entertainment, Wall Street Journal reports. Alongside Leslie are fellow former sports professionals Rod Watson, Rob Hite, and Tomi Rose.

The four co-founders joined together in order to be a source of guidance for the industry they initially came from by “connecting the dots for these athletes and entertainers, helping them understand what are some good investments and what are not, some pitfalls on things they should avoid, and figuring out how we can create general wealth.”

“I’ve gone through it,” Leslie told the outlet. “I am a pro athlete who experienced making money, and sometimes, especially in the African American community, we [athletes] are the first earners of millions of dollars in the family.”

Plans For Aston Rose

With its recent launch on March 17, the firm’s team is on a mission to ensure that its clients have a focus on the importance of financial literacy and deter them from mishaps with investing.

“A lot of these celebrities and athletes, they don’t really get represented right,” Hite said. “Most of the time we [athletes] don’t come from money, so we don’t really understand how to make that money work and protect that money.”

While currently based in San Fransisco, Aston Rose is working to have locations in three additional cities.

Lisa Leslie's Next Venture

Not only is Leslie an athlete turned real estate agent, but she’s also now stepped into the virtual world just a week after her firm’s launch.

According to a press release, she’s become a brand ambassador and business partner from LootMogul — a sports metaverse gaming platform.

“We are pleased to form a strategic venture partnership with Lisa Leslie, a sports legend, highly intellectual and a charismatic leader that truly cares about the people and wants to provide a platform that can generate generational wealth for athletes, fans, and brands using blockchain/NFTs. We are humbled and honored to have Lisa as our partner and build this metaverse together for all,” Raj Rajkotia, the founder and CEO of LootMogul shared in a statement.