Timothy Webb, Jr. started lifestyle brand — More Than A 9 To 5 —  to generate more conversations around Black people’s mindset surrounding financial literacy, ownership, gentrification, and beyond.

However, Webb has managed to do more than just create conversations. The 30-year-old is now actually taking problems like gentrification into his own hands through the real estate industry all while still working his day job.

Outside of being in constant relationship with others, as someone who’s well-versed in the tech space, working for companies like GE and currently a company that supports cybersecurity for the federal government, he also uses his technology background to run his business.

Whether it’s securing rental payments for his property through their electronic web portal or building his own website for his company, More Than A 9 To 5, Webb is equipped with the knowledge to keep things running both at the forefront and in background.

“I think so many people hide behind a title whether they’re successful or not necessarily where they want to be,” Webb said.

Webb says his brand is for everyday people who are ultimately not that happy in their careers. He wants to encourage people to forget the status quo, chase what makes you happy and make a career out of that. One way took his own advice was by diving into real estate.

While growing up, Webb’s family may have owned the homes he lived in, but they never really passed them down or gave him the tools that would’ve led him to Black ownership.

When he purchased his first home in Richmond, Virginia it was merely just to change the narrative of paying rent to someone else, but soon he would find that knowledge passed down by other colleagues, particularly one of his younger frat brothers, would lead to him owning 23 rental units.

“I purchased my first rental space in December of last year,” Webb said. “Now with 23 units, the bulk of them being in South Carolina, I have my neo to thank for the inspiration behind that.”

He plans to use real estate as a tool to be able to wake up and control his own schedule, along with helping others along the way.

“The biggest thing I’m looking to do is to create opportunities through real estate whether that’s with jobs such as property managers or providing living experiences for people who are often overlooked and not given the chance because of the way that they look.”

Webb looks to build the next generation and his own bloodline while educating others along the way.