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STEMBoard Founder And CEO Aisha Bowe Secures $947M Government Contract

When she isn’t preparing to become the first Black woman to travel with Jeff Bezos to space through Blue Origin, Aisha Bowe is securing legendary funding to fulfill her passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Jun 8, 2023

Meet Aisha Bowe, the Rocket Scientist and Entrepreneur Committed to Mentoring Black Tech's Next Generation

The famous phrase “it’s not rocket science” doesn’t apply to Aisha Bowe, a Black female aerospace engineer and entrepreneur. A graduate of The Aerospace Engineering Program at the University of Michigan, Bowe earned her stripes at NASA having received the National Society of Black Engineers award for Outstanding Technical Contribution. “I spent time in the government working for NASA as a rocket scientist, and I didn’t see people who looked like me,” she said. “I wanted to find a company that could demonstrate technical proficiency well by doing cool things.” Motivated by a desire to increase Black representation in the tech space, Bowe founded STEMBoard , a tech company that creates smart systems and solutions for large scale U.S. federal and private sector clients. Some of the nation’s leading problems for high-priority organizations within the government — such as the Department of Defense — contracted her team of engineers to develop innovative solutions. “I’m out to elevate the...

Nov 2, 2020

Aerospace Engineer Aisha Bowe Develops 'Lingo' Coding Kit For At-Home Learning

For some parents, at-home learning has proven to be more of a headache than a help. To alleviate some of the stress, D.C. aerospace engineer Aisha Bowe —and a diverse team of engineers led by Danielle Regis — developed a coding kit to engage curious kids . According to WTOP News , Bowe’s brainchild, Lingo , is an at-home, hands-on experience that allows kids ages 13 and up to learn the fundamentals of hardware and software design. “The idea of Lingo is to make technology accessible for all by introducing students to software, hardware and engineering concepts in a really easily approachable way,” said Bowe, who previously worked at NASA. “So, the focus is on the lesson and the excitement around building the backup sensor and less on some of the technology fundamentals, which will come later.” Lingo consists of detailed instructions and step-by-step videos that will keep STEM-loving kids occupied for hours. For example, the first lesson teaches kids how to build a backup sensor in...

Jun 25, 2020