The world’s first-ever African American interactive STEM doll is here to enlighten the youth.

As AfroTech previously told you, Bukola Somide is the creator of Somi, an interactive doll designed to break down education barriers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for minority children. The software engineer and inventor boasts nearly two decades of experience of working within the information technology sector.

According to a press release, Bukola Somide recalls being the only Black woman or Black person serving on the Software Development team in various occasions. Aiming to create a more diverse future, the Somi doll was birthed to demystify STEM and create representation for underserved children.

“Representation matters in tech because it gives hope to under-served children who may otherwise think their dreams are impossible due to lack of accessible role models. A child seeing a doll who looks like them, engaged in Computer Science, helps to shatter a mental ceiling by reshaping their perspective,” Bukola Somide said, according to a press release.

Children Will Be Introduced To Over 10 STEM Topics

Internal research conducted by Innovant Technologies found young Black girls do not have “relatable mentors” or see Computer Science as “boring” and “too hard/complex so they feel they’re not smart enough,” according to a press release. To create a new narrative, the STEM doll will enlighten the minds of future scientists through informative Computer Programming lessons.

Somi applies acquired knowledge learned from her mom to real-life situations. The African American doll can speak over 220 words and includes 12 voiceover recordings. Children will be exposed to topics across Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence, Code, Bug, Binary Numbers, Web page, Javascript, HTML, Condition, Loop, and Cyberbullying.

Children can also look forward to more unique experiences with Somi, as the doll is accompanied by a picture book with lessons and surprises.

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