Meet The Black Woman Behind The Tech Academy Helping People Secure High-Paying Jobs In Under A Year
Photo Credit: Mary Awodele

Meet The Black Woman Behind The Tech Academy Helping People Secure High-Paying Jobs In Under A Year

Mary Awodele refers to herself as the newbie on the tech block, but it would be hard to tell based on her impressive resume.

Mary Awodele’s entry into tech began as a specialized systems administrator before making several pivots which would lead to a role as a ServiceNow engineer, business analyst, and more recently a promotion as a tech consultant. Mary Awodele has snagged various certifications under her belt including database, cybersecurity cloud, and software, among others. As Awodele continues to reach new levels of success fairly quickly, her next venture will be to secure a Head of People Operations Role. 

It’s to no surprise that Mary Awodele’s work trajectory allowed her to build a strong foundation in technical and business operations broadening her experience to the range of jobs available in the tech industry.

Plus, Awodele is at the top of her game and her growing expertise unknowingly planted seeds for her to become a pipeline for others to create their own paths of success.

MyTechBestfriend Is Born

Mary Awodele tells AfroTech while pursuing a career in tech, she actively answered questions for industry peers and shared opportunities for those looking to tap into tech. As demand steadily grew, a nudge from a friend compelled her to launch a business.

Awodele then hit the ground running and launched MyTechBestfriend in September 2020. She integrated career development frameworks such as resume reconstruction and certification readiness into her initial offerings. Within four months, clients were already securing high-paying tech jobs at Pinterest, PlayStation, and Deloitte, among others.

Impressed by the results from clients, Mary Awodele reworked her current course offerings to integrate additional content and training by March 2021. Now MyTechBestfriend houses 12 IT certifications in Oracle, ITIL, AWS, Azure, Splunk, ServiceNow, and Salesforce, as per the company website.

Awodele has adopted the “zero to hero” mindset which has helped students earn salaries of $80K-$95K within three months of leaving MyTechBestfriend academy.

MyTechBestfriend Diversifies The Job Pipeline

For Awodele, success stories offer a gleaming promise for an uptick in diversity within the tech industry. According to a report, technological organizations house only 22 percent of minority talent. MyTechBestfriend academy is a career development machine hoping to change the narrative for minority involvement in tech.

“I want to help minorities secure high-paying careers and increase minority wealth,” Awodele told AfroTech. “There are a lot of jobs out here in web development, regular software developers, or cybersecurity. Within each of those areas, there are so many niche spaces and so much more talent. You can really maximize your salary within those unconventional spaces. Getting people into unconventional careers in the tech space to increase their demand, make them super competitive, and increasing minority wealth, particularly within Black homes, is the main focus.”

How To Apply

Applications for MyTechBestfriend are quarterly and provide new course offerings to students each term. Students will have opportunities to learn about both the technical and non-technical aspects of tech through the duality of course catalogs. 

Students can be on the lookout for upcoming boot camps in cybersecurity (Q2), data analytics (Q3), and account executive (Q4).

Tuition rates range between $4,000 USD to $5,000 USD.

MyTechBestfriend Scholarship

For students who may not have the financial means to fund the boot camp, MyTechBestfriend will be offering partial or full need-based scholarships backed by a $50,000 donation from Blacks In Technology. The funds will further MyTechBestfriend’s mission to diversify the job pipeline.

“Despite the tuition being affordable, there are still people in general that just can’t. The scholarship will help people land better jobs and change generations. That is very rewarding to improve more people’s lives,” Awodele said.