Sometimes it’s about working smarter, not harder — especially when it comes to the music business.

Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan adopted a money-making mindset early in his career that has proven to be a recipe for success.

The Deal That Changed It All

“I was so broke, but I was so smart,” the “Walk Thru” emcee recalled, noting that his first deal was worth $19,000.

The music industry can easily chew artists up and spit them out, especially when questionable contracts are at play, but not Rich Homie Quan.

Playing It Smart

“I know I didn’t have a job,” he explained, taking a trip down memory lane to his humble beginnings as an artist. “So this is what I told Fly. I said, ‘Look Fly, I don’t even want all my money upfront. Pay me every week.'”

That left him with a payout of roughly $400 per week.

“I was getting $400 every Friday,” said the 33-year-old. “I started treating it like a job in my mind cause I knew if I got $19,000, I was gone mess that money up… fast. And it was gone be over with.”

Luckily, with this mentality, the odds seem to have ruled in Rich Homie Quan’s favor.

Not only has he amassed success as an artist, but the “Lifestyle” rapper is also the CEO of his own record label, Rich Homie Entertainment.

Business Endeavors Outside Of Music

Additionally, he’s added real estate to his list of achievements.

As AfroTech previously reported, in 2021, Rich Homie Quan says he managed to accrue more than $1 million without “a music check involved.”

“I’m trying to put my peers and younger generation on real estate, man,” Rich Homie Quan told Trapital host Dan Runcie. “Less jewelry, less flashy — and get the things that really matter. We gon’ screen the block. Let’s go buy a couple of properties on the block. So, now we have a reason to rep the block.”

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