Lemuel Plummer is not new to this — he’s true to this!

As the son of parents who owned not one, not two, but three television studios in the city of Detroit, MI, this industry has been embedded into the 36-year-old’s DNA since the very beginning.

“I think my upbringing played a huge role in the space I am currently in,” Plummer told AfroTech. “I learned a lot from my parents and other folks who worked for the network and that really kind of helped mold me into becoming interested in creating and launching my own network.”

Launching Zeus Network

Plummer launched the Zeus Network in 2018 and today’s shows like “Joseline’s Cabaret,” “Baddies South,” and “Bad Boys Los Angeles” have become huge fan favorites.


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“It wasn’t easy launching Zeus, it was very difficult,” he explained. “In the beginning, I funded the network solely by myself, I didn’t take any outside capital or money from anyone. Instead, I aggregated some content creators and we were able to put something together, but it wasn’t easy launching a network. However, over time, we just started to look at what our customers wanted to see and created a niche network.”

He further explained that this was more important to him than competing with Netflix or other popular streaming platforms in the market.

“We experimented with a lot of different things and ultimately, we started to produce more long-form unscripted reality, loud, provocative content and it’s been going great,” Plummer beamed. “And I like to say it’s real and raw and uncensored and unfiltered, but it’s been going great.”

Real Content For Real People

Again, working in television isn’t a new rodeo for Plummer, who helped to pitch classic BET series like “The Mo’Nique Show” and “The Family Crews.” In addition to that, he is also responsible for selling the “Preachers of LA” series to Oxygen. It was only a matter of time before he realized that he could build something great on his own.

“We’re not a ratchet network, we just tell real stories and we work with real talent, people who aren’t afraid to be themselves,” Plummer shared. “People who aren’t afraid to address conflict or drama that may come up. We don’t condone or support anything that happens. We are just showing the real.”

On The Horizon

As Zeus continues to expand rapidly, Plummer says he is excited for fans to engage in content that is on the way.

“We’ll be getting into scripted, we’ll be doing more live programming, we’re looking at award shows, and other subsidiary companies,” he explained. “We’ll be launching Zeus Music, Zeus Lounge…all sorts of things.”

It looks like the Zeus Network is here to stay!