Ray J is creating his own lane.

According to The Jasmine BRAND, the actor, singer, television personality, and entrepreneur will be launching a digital network. Although specifications on the new venture have not yet been disclosed, it’s been said that the network will feature original content.

If the reports are in fact true, the move would come at a time when traditional television is facing competition as the growing interest with streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prize, Disney+, and Peacock continues.

According to CNBC, “Nielsen, known for measuring television usage in the United States, said Thursday that 64% of time spent on televisions was on network and cable TV, while 26% of time was spent on streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Another 8%, categorized as “Other,” includes video-on-demand, streaming from cable set-top boxes, and other TV uses, such as gaming and watching DVDs.”

Ray J And His Tech Ventures

And to no surprise, the venture is just one of many for the multi-talent. Ray J previously stopped by AfroTech to talk about his earphone company RAYCON.

“Three years ago, the earbud business wasn’t as booming as it is now,” Ray J said. “But now, it’s on fire. And I think our price point is what says it all. People are paying way too much for earbuds — they’re overpriced. When RAYCON came in with our prices, and our styles, I think we set ourselves apart from all the competition.”