This Black entrepreneur is teaching African Yorùbá language and culture one online class at a time.

Yorùbá Basics® is a virtual language and cultural school dedicated to connecting Black people to their African legacy and heritage, created by Lande Sanusi.

The interactive courses will guide students in learning the historical African Yorùbá language and culture through a unique system of performing arts, visuals, self-paced learning, and instructor-led classes.

According to Black Business, this program is designed to not only help families who want Afrocentric topics to supplement their children’s after-school learning experiences but also African American adults who want to strengthen their connection to their ancestral heritage as well.

The program is a great way to teach African culture while at the same time supporting its preservation.

“African-Americans across the country, young and old, are seeking to reconnect with their African identity, as reflected in the rise in Afrocentric homeschooling, increased ancestry DNA testing, and even Ghana’s 2019’s Year of Return,” Lande said.  “Furthermore, given that the national educational system is insufficient in teaching children about African-American topics, let alone Africa, our Yoruba Basics coursework is more important for kids in 2020 than ever.”

Registration is now open for fall 2020 with coursework running through May 2021. Prices start at $59 per month.

For more information, visit their website here.