Kanye West is taking his innovation from music to the automotive industry.

The first-ever car from Donda is currently in the works, based on an official statement from the company.

The Donda Foam Vehicle

On July 5, the statement shared an image of the future car described as the “Donda foam vehicle conceptualized, designed, and manufactured in the U.S.” News of the vehicle came along with Steven Smith being appointed as the Head of Donda Industrial Design.

As a designer with over 30 years of experience including the previous title of executive designer for Yeezy, it’s clear Kanye sees him as the best fit to bring his ambitious vision into reality.

“I’m honored to help create our shared vision of the future,” Smith shared about his new role, according to Complex. “Mr. West is the single most inspiring creative I have ever worked with.”

Smith is also set to work on furniture and more for Donda. 

“In his new position, Smith will expand beyond footwear to work on furniture, vehicles, and more within the West empire,” the outlet reported.

Potential Tesla Collaboration?

No further details have been announced about when people can expect to whip the Donda foam vehicle, but there have been theories about the concept foam car possibly being connected to Elon Musk.

HYPEBEAST pointed out how “West’s close relationship with Tesla CEO Elon Musk allows room for speculation that the Foam Vehicle will be manufactured by the automobile giant.” However, once again, nothing has been confirmed on anything about the Donda vehicle quite yet other than Smith having a hand in it.

Donda Speculation

Questions constantly arise about what Donda will offer to its consumers.

As previously reported by AfroTech, there was speculation on whether the household name would dive into tech, based on West’s trademark request last year. 

“If Kanye has his way…he might do the same to wireless receivers in the form of jewelry and smart rings,” TMZ noted at the time. “It also looks like he wants ‘Donda’ on downloadable electronic publications in the nature of books, magazines, journals, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, and newsletters all in the field of music and entertainment news.”