Jay-Z’s  Roc Nation has finally reached a settlement with its gaming subsidiary, Unanimous Games.

On Saturday, Dec. 4, at the same time that the Hip-Hop mogul entered a new chapter of life, Roc Nation settled a lawsuit related to his cousin Briant Biggs and an alleged scam involving investor Blueprint Capital Holdings, according to reports from Thirsty For News.

As previously reported by AfroTech, Biggs was accused of working with a group to raise $1.5 million for a new division of Roc Nation by the name of Unanimous Games. The games were to be focused on eSports and the video game industry. As you can already gather, that didn’t really play out so well. 

The Details

Blueprint Capital filed a complaint against Briant after its CEO, Ryan Collison alleges that he was promised that his investment would be repaid with interest no later than March 2021.

Per the report filed by Collison, Biggs allegedly promised that rappers including Yo Gotti and Meek Mill would play a role in the $1.5 million that was being raised for the gaming company. However, there were claims that it never happened.

In addition, Biggs promised that Unanimous Games would receive an additional $5 million investment, something that also never happened. 

Not only did they claim Biggs never followed through on his promises, but after providing Blueprint with documents, it was discovered that he allegedly paid himself tens of thousands of dollars from the gaming company throughout 2019 and 2020.

The Resolution

Per the documents obtained by AllHipHop, this chapter is finally closed. As of Friday, Dec. 3, Roc Nation and Blueprint were able to bring the dispute to an end.

The terms of the agreement have not been shared, but we do know that lawyers settled for an undisclosed amount.

While a report from the Stipulation of Discontinuance also revealed that Blueprint’s lawsuit against Roc Nation has officially been dismissed, they still have the right to refile if the settlement is not consummated properly.