As the “first” and “only” in many rooms, Tiffany R. Warren has made it her mission to make sure there will be a seat at the table for others.

The Importance Of Opening Doors For Others

Warren has worked in the creative industry at companies including Omnicom Group and most recently, as the Executive VP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Sony Music Group. Yet, despite her gleaming resume, Warren has not allowed her success to undermine the work that still needs to be done to create change and increase diversity.

“In my earlier days, I found myself being ‘the only’ when I was the sole Black account executive at my agency. Then later, I became ‘the first’ when I entered newly-created Chief Diversity Officer roles at my companies. However, being ‘the first’ or ‘the only’ is something many who came before us experienced in several parts of their life. They fought all odds to create space where they had so often been intentionally excluded. I remind myself of this so I can truly embrace what my current position means for all those who are to come after me,” Warren told AfroTech in an email interview.

She continued: “Even with ‘the first’ or ‘the only,’ there is an opportunity to make long-lasting change, especially in creative and entertainment industries where our work is far-reaching and can truly impact society. I like to think the door was cracked for us so that we could swing it open and the next generation can blow it off the hinges. We’re constantly creating more seats at the table for future generations, and that long game is what has shaped my entire career.”


Warren is actively improving the creative industries through her brainchild, ADCOLOR. The premier organization was created in 2005 to increase diversity while empowering and promoting professionals of color. Warren is most proud of creating an environment for those who are often overlooked through ADCOLOR’s robust awards conference and talent programs.

“Having the ability to create a space for historically excluded individuals to network with peers and allies and receive well-deserved recognition has been an honor. It has resulted in a pipeline of rockstars who truly do ‘Rise Up, Reach Back,’ and whose work not only accelerates their own careers but the entire industry. I’m proud of the mountains we’ve moved, and I am excited to continue offering a motivational space that inspires leaders and young professionals alike to keep striving for better.”

Issa Rae To Receive 2022 Beacon Award

This year, ADCOLOR 2022 is gearing up for a weekend-long celebration embracing the theme — Still Rising.

Attendees will witness recipients being awarded in ten categories, including ADCOLOR Influencer and DEI Executive of the Year. Plus, Issa Rae will be receiving the 2022 Beacon Award in partnership with Adweek to recognize her work as a writer, producer, actress, and entrepreneur.

“Adweek is thrilled to be celebrating Issa Rae for her incredible work and leadership,” said Ann Marinovich, Adweek’s Chief Content Officer, according to a press release. “From her award-winning web series Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl to her groundbreaking HBO series Insecure and now with the content she’s producing at her media company HOORAE, Issa has shattered boundaries in storytelling and representation. Her commitment to her native South L.A. has been just as important, as she has invested in the area’s revitalization and efforts to keep the Black community thriving and successful.”