Silicon Valley’s next tech come up, Clubhouse is quickly becoming a hub for the biggest key players in the music and entertainment industries, and celebrities on the app are tapping into its infrastructure to build up their own digital endeavors.

The game-changing, invite-only audio app has grown to be quite popular over the last few months, even while in beta testing. Now users like Grammy-nominated Hip-Hop producer Sonny Digital are putting themselves in a position to lead the app’s buzziest cultural conversations.

Sonny — who joined Clubhouse two months ago — has quickly asserted himself as a leader on the social platform with his self-branded Clubhouse space, “Club Digital,” which has gained a large following for his viral “Book Club” and appreciation rooms — both of which he initiated on the app.

Photo Credit: Decat / (@shotbydecat)

Just like any other user who joins Clubhouse, Sonny learned the power of the app’s inner workings and has made the platform work in his favor to help boost his digital reputation.

“Clubhouse is easy if you’re consistent and you already have a brand,” he said. “Right now, it’s a place where anyone can come build up their name and do their thing.”

Sonny — an already established music artist — has used his likeness on the app to further build upon his name and capitalize off his unique ideas to give Hip-Hop a bigger stake in Clubhouse’s content.

His appreciation rooms for Grammy-nominated producer Cardo Got Wings  and famed rap trio Travis Porter became moments of nostalgia and admiration for users who tapped in and let it be known on Twitter.

According to Sonny, the purpose of his appreciation rooms is to give flowers to people who are often overlooked by those not familiar with their work or impact on the culture.

“I want the narrative when I go to an appreciation room to be that I’m going to find out about somebody I may not know,” he shared.

Sonny Digital is also the mastermind who assembled the favorable Book Club room on Clubhouse, which is responsible for bringing New York Times best-selling authors Elisabeth Ovesen — aka Karrine Steffans — and Neil Martinez-Belkin on the app to discuss their books, “Confessions of a Video Vixen” and “Hurricanes: A Memoir by Rick Ross,” respectively.

His future plans for the Club Digital umbrella on Clubhouse include highlighting more playmakers in the industry and creating additional marked content for other creatives he can pass the torch to.

“Anything that I do I want to be able to spin it off to one of my friends,” he said, “Or somebody I know who can handle/has time for it.”

So far, he’s already backed people like content creator and host, Alexa Leighton, to take the lead on some of these rooms he’s started to be a fresh voice and bring in new audiences.

Moving forward, Sonny hopes to see rooms on Clubhouse progress toward more productive cultural conversations that spark fruitful dialogue between the app’s users.

To assist with this, he’s leaning more into leading timely content like his latest venture — the “Last Train To Paris” appreciation room that finally brought music mogul Diddy to Clubhouse’s stomping grounds.

The room was spearheaded by Mason Taylor — Medium Creative Agency’s VP of Brand Partnerships — to highlight the album’s 10th anniversary and allow Diddy the space to directly interact with his fans.

“It was so dope to hear the stories about the album. It was special to hear about the artists he’s currently listening to as well,” Taylor shared. “Clubhouse has really made some special moments in Hip-Hop. Special thanks to Yaz & Ivy for putting this together!”

Sonny shared a sentiment about the surprise appearance from Diddy, who also shared some never-before-heard stories about his career and the makings of his fifth studio album.

“I figured this would be a big moment so I’m glad that people could hear these dope stories,” he said.

The combined effort between Sonny, Taylor, media personality, Ivy Rivera, and Atlantic Records marketing manager, Yaz Castillo, made for a special moment on Monday night that sent fans and music lovers alike into a frenzy on social media.

Sonny has been full steam ahead with his music career, coming off a producer credit on Jack Harlow’s debut album for the “Face Of My City” track featuring Lil Baby, but looking ahead, he has other plans in mind for his business and team.

“You just have to be on the look out because [Sonny] is always working,” he said about himself.

To keep up with Sonny’s digital journey and other ventures, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.