The Redmon family just acquired 20 Jamba Juice franchises in the San Francisco Bay Area!

According to Black Business, Charlayne Redmon and her husband Dwayne, —– along with their four children —  kept it all in the family with the new acquisition in their native home of San Francisco, California.

After launching CFO to Small Business, a financial consulting company for small business owners, the Redmon’s had the vision of expanding into the food industry which led them to consider becoming franchise owners.

Initially, Dwayne acquired a contract with the Jamba Juice franchise through CFO to Small Business and from there he expressed his family’s interest in ownership. After 16 corporate locations were sold off, the family made an offer to buy it. From there, they would go on to eventually manage to purchase two more locations from private owners before building two others from the ground up.

“None of us had ever worked at a Jamba Juice. In addition, the director of operations was coming from an extensive background at a top hamburger franchise brand, which was very different,” Charlayne tells Black Enterprise. “Because the locations we purchased were corporate-run locations, the people working at those stores didn’t have as much experience as they thought they would. There was definitely a learning curve, and at one point, we had to clean house [and bring] in people that would perform.”

Initially, the Redmon’s were negatively affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, having to temporarily close six locations and other branches housed in malls. Thankfully, now, all locations are back open and fully operational.

The couple’s youngest child, Phillip, credits their close-knit family’s ability to learn from and lean on one another to their success

“You really want to have an idea of what you want,” said Phillip. “Don’t let what you think the cost might scare you off. It’s not as expensive as you might think. The beginning is the hard part. Don’t try and run before you walk, take one step at a time, and listen. Realize that you’re going to make mistakes and learn from them.”

For more on the Redmon’s Jamba Juice locations in the San Francisco Bay area, visit their site here.