“It’s our responsibility to remind people that this isn’t charity… this isn’t philanthropic.”

Candice Matthews-Brackeen joins Will Lucas on the latest episode of AfroTech’s Black Tech, Green Money podcast to educate listeners on how to capitalize on this current moment in the venture capital space where investors are finally understanding the importance of investing in Black startups.

Matthews-Brackeen is the General Partner of Lightship Capital, a Cincinnati-based venture capital fund that works to support underrepresented, early-stage, transformational businesses.

During this episode, she reminds us that “it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure that these good stories are being told.” She also says that for her and the team, it’s important “that we’re highlighting great founders doing great things.”

“I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I feel that it’s my responsibility to deliver a win,” said Matthews-Brackeen when asked about the challenges she faces as a Black woman.

She explains that it is her responsibility to show her investors the path to exit — something that Matthews-Brackeen explains is hard to show on just a dream.

“It’s not always been easy work, but it’s been consistent work,” she told Lucas.

For more gems on how to remain consistent in your work, and how she manages to continue to shake up the venture capital space, listen to the full episode of AfroTech’s Black Tech, Green Money podcast below: