Detroit, MI, entrepreneur Ebony Cochran seems to be on a mission to create generational wealth.

Recently, the credit consultant took to Instagram to share she had purchased the franchise Little Caesars as a birthday gift to herself. This was made possible as Cochran has found success through her companies including The Tax Place — which she eventually sold to H&R block — and Blackwood Credit Services.

Building A Legacy For Her Daughter

Purchasing the franchise was timely as her daughter was interested in finding work outside of Blackwood. Little did she know her mother was already working on a solution to bring her wishes to life.


What Inspired Her To Complete The Deal

“Just because being an entrepreneur for the last 15 years is my thing, that doesn’t mean that it will be my girls profession,” Cochran wrote on Instagram. “LA has seen me run companies and work a job. In my opinion one doesn’t outweigh the other but it’s all about what your passion in life is. She told me that she wanted to start working outside of Blackwood soon and this was already it my back pocket. Her expressing that she wanted to punch a clock inspired me to complete the deal. When I told her we purchased she didn’t seem surprised. Her response was “well that seems like something that you would do”. I took it as a compliment . As an adult I still remember things from my childhood. That’s why before mine leave my home there are certain things that I want my girls to hear and SEE! This one wasn’t on the list originally but I’m glad it made it.”

Celebrating 15 Years Of Entrepreneurship

Although a Little Caesars franchise was not originally in Cochran’s plan, she always aspired to have a family business. Believing in her vision, Cochran says she even made the purchase in cash to avoid the hassle of monthly payments.

The feat also coincides with Cochran’s 15th anniversary as an entrepreneur and a new chapter of her life that does not require her to build from the ground up.

Celebrating Her Birthday

“AS A BIRTHDAY GIFT THIS YEAR I BOUGHT A FRANCHISE (and I came drive-thru)! Family this was hard to keep from you but I’ve learned to wait until the ink is dry to speak on things. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to run a business and not just be self employed,” Cochran wrote in an Instagram post shared on Aug. 28.

She added: “I told you all before the pandemic was going to reveal things to us and for me is was that I needed to have a business unlike one I ever had before. One that would thrive regardless and one thing I know for sure is that people will always eat. Having a family business has always been a dream of mine but this route allows me to not have to build it from scratch. This is my 15th year as an entrepreneur and honestly I’m tired of building from brick by brick!”

She Won't Be The Last

“I’m the first and only Black woman in the city and county. I’m sure this is the same in many other counties. We will change this though……one step at a time! Shout out to Mr Sykes,” Cochran continued via Instagram.