While Donovan Mitchell made it to the NBA, his sports journey began elsewhere.

The Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard played baseball until the tenth grade but transitioned to basketball. It became a pivotal move as Mitchell went from playing for two years at the University of Louisville to being drafted 13th overall by the Denver Nuggets in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Then, he went to play for the Utah Jazz during his rookie season, in which he inked a four-year $14.3 million contract.

The Ultimate Goal

“The NBA was definitely the ultimate goal,” Mitchell shared in a 2021 GQ Sports interview. “But for me, it was like, ‘Okay how do I get to college?’ Then it became really [a] reality. Like, ‘I could really do this.’ And throughout the process, that’s when it became, ‘Alright, this is what I want to do. Take care of my family and make sure that they don’t have to work a day in their life and make sure they’re all set. My mom, my sister, and my dad.’

During Mitchell’s breakdown of how he spent his first $1 million in the NBA, it’s clear that giving back to his family and others was his top priority.

Donovan Mitchell’s $1 Million Rookie Year Breakdown

Mom’s Audi, $50,000

His own Porsche Panamera, $90,000

Sister’s tuition, $300,000

Sister’s Jeep Sahara, $60,000

Mom’s house, $250,000

His foundation, SPIDACARES, $250,000

“I think the biggest thing for me is not only just being able to give back, but also saving for myself. And it’s not just spending, it’s also about keeping it for generational wealth,” he said in the YouTube video. “There are times where you just want to enjoy the life that you have and understanding that there’s times for that too. But there’s also times to continue to be smart because this can go away real quick if you allow it to.”

It’s clear that while Mitchell has found financial freedom in the NBA, he remains cautious of his finances and his spending.

Financial Advice

“Understanding that whatever you make, take [it] and cut it in half just from taxes alone. And then you have so many other different things. Whether it’s a home, you have the mortgage or you have the cars, whatever it may be. But understanding that when you buy things or get things, understand you got to get things that over time appreciate — over time increase in value

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Donovan Mitchell has an estimated net worth of $20 million.