Doja Cat’s upcoming business venture has sparked debate via social media.

It's Giving

On Aug. 19, the pop star posted a video clip featuring audio of her saying: “It was supposed to give, but it did not give what needed to be gave? To the highest of giving. If that makes any sense.”

The video went on to mention what she had in store — closing with encouraging her fans to sign up for updates on the new website.

Should Rolling Ray Be Credited?

The issue at hand that a group of Twitter users has brought up is that Doja Cat should credit Rolling Ray — an influencer from Washington, D.C., who is known by many to have popularized the phrases “It’s giving” and “Purr.” 

Although “It’s giving” is a vernacular that has been already used in the Black LGBT community before the influencer’s social media rise, there are people who still feel the influencer should be recognized to a certain extent. 

Rolling Ray himself entered the discussion once Doja Cat’s post went live.

“This b-tch said let me steal from this handicap black b-tch & copyrighted my saying uh whole year ago !! Lord I’m tired of fighting,” he wrote in a tweet.

Twitter pulled out the receipts that Doja Cat had trademarked the phrase for her new clothing line.

Doja Cat's Past History With Black Influencers

While some argued that Rolling Ray should have taken the initiative to file for it first, the back and forth online made people claim that Doja Cat has previously been in a similar situation with BKTidalWave — a late influencer who had a viral video saying “Thoughts about Doja Cat? She’s trash.”

The “Vegas” singer went on to sell merchandise with the line without crediting BKTidalWave.

For now, there’s no telling whether Doja Cat will end up crediting Rolling Ray. Currently, no additional information has been given for the venture but the website is up and running for people to sign up.