As a prodigy of creativity, Digital Nas rose from the ranks of Soundcloud, where he inked opportunities with Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti to more recently becoming a producer on Kanye West’s tenth studio album “DONDA.” His unique ear is led by his love for mumble music and punk rap which has spearheaded his production skills and influenced the new wave of Hip-Hop at just 22-years-old.

Outside of his musical talents, the producer wants longevity as an entrepreneur. Therefore, making the right money moves has become increasingly important. His entrepreneurial pursuits have led to an ongoing passion project, 29131. The soon-to-be-launched clothing line pays homage to the skateboard culture.

Digital Nas Becomes His Own Boss

Photo by ONDA

Entering the music industry early on, Digital Nas recalls creating beats for free. It was not until 2017 that the producer realized he could rack up a stream of revenue for his craft. He learned more lessons along his journey, some more painful than others citing vicious financial struggles as he was funneling through thousands of dollars. After a reckoning in 2019, he began to take charge of his finances.

“I got to a point where I had no choice but to learn about finance,” Digital Nas shared exclusively with AfroTech. “I was never taught finance so I did my own research, learned, and talked to financial advisors. Now I am at a point where I am moving smart.”

Applying newfound knowledge, Digital Nas has become more confident in pursuing business ventures, and his clothing line is proof. The brand 29131 pays homage to the skateboard culture, which he feels has been lost in the clothing industry.

“I see a lot of skate brands but they kind of lost touch,” Digital Nas shared. “I feel like that’s where I come in because I’m so in touch with the music and skateboarding culture. It’s my place to kind of do things the right way aesthetically.”


Courtesy of BStarPR

Although the brand has yet to launch officially, Digital Nas used samples from his clothing line to rally the culture behind the brand and gain an understanding of what consumers want to see. The unofficial drops have proven to be costly, but the producer is convinced it will be worth it to become an industry giant.

Digital Nas plans to release an official drop on Dec. 25, where fans can experience a winter capsule. The eight-piece collection will feature a winter jacket, snow goggles, and more.

As the brand grows Digital Nas hopes to include more pieces and create weekly drops at an affordable price.

In the future, Digital Nas hopes to open a physical location on Santa Catalina Island for customers to take a boat to purchase merchandise. This unconventional shopping experience honors his mission to release items that will not be easy to obtain, as he plans to avoid mass production to maintain the quality of his brand.

In addition, skate fanatics can expect to see more from 29131 outside of apparel as it plans to release skate videos and skate documentaries, to advance the skateboard culture.