Need some sweet dreams? Diddy can solve that problem.

Audible and Thrive Global released a sleep meditation program with the business entrepreneur titled “Honor Yourself: Meditation Guided By Diddy.” In a velvety, slow-talking tone, the artist now known as “Brother Love” guides listeners through a meditative rest that is perfect for bedtime.

“There’s nothing to do right now but let go. By getting into bed, you sent the signal that it was time to rest. And by being here right now, resting, sinking into your breath, you’re honoring that signal,” Diddy says over New Age music, according to USA Today. “Right now, all you have to concentrate on is feeling calm, feeling relaxed, feeling at peace, feeling heavy.”

Last week, he also tweeted the “free gift” to fans on Twitter.

Diddy is one celebrity voice among the Amazon company’s Dream Team, which also includes recording artist Nick Jonas, Arianna Huffington, and motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein. Also, there are a handful of sound therapists, motivational speakers, and mindfulness educators to choose from along your deep sleep journey.

The audio meditation set to help you unwind is available now.