There is a shortage of Black women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), but this woman is on a mission to make a change that’ll make a difference.

Diana Wilson created the nonprofit, Yielding Accomplished African Women (Yaa W) to discover and support Black collegiate women in tech and finance. Now, she’s raising $1 million to equip those same women with the resources that they need to be holistic leaders and achieve their STEM career goals.

What Is Yaa W?

It’s more than just a nonprofit. Wilson is building a movement with the program that is centered around the next generation of Black female leaders. 

As a global women development skills center, Yaa W trains Black women across the diaspora while also giving them opportunities to work with renowned Fortune 500 companies.

Within three years, Wilson’s organization has trained more than 700 young African women and she currently maintains a large following across social media. Yaa W has been backed by companies including Google, Bank of America, IBM, MTN, Corporate Finance Institute, and more.

In It For The Long Run

Yaa W currently services women across the globe in the United States, United Kingdom, and 12 African countries, but she desires to do more. By 2030, she has made it her mission to reach 30,000 women.

This is why she is raising a $1 million fund to launch a beta of her online professional networking and training platform for Black college women across the diaspora in January 2022. 

The platform — Yaa W Online Academy — will be centered around the essence of Black women, digital skills, and the intersectionality that is all the foundation for Wilson’s platform. More African women will have the opportunity to work among a support system, take STEM courses and professional development masterclasses. They will also have access to on-demand virtual content.

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