This group of men is on their way to building a future that is for us, by us.

As a Black-owned Internet Service Provider, Culture Wireless was birthed in Atlanta, GA to empower communities by providing them with quality and affordable internet service.

“Even in 2022, between 9 to 12 million children in the U.S. and 1.3 billion worldwide lack access to quality and affordable Internet,” said Culture Wireless CEO and Founder Vernell Woods in an interview with AfroTech. “As technologists and members of the community, it is Culture Wireless’s responsibility to help narrow that gap to zero.”

Woods, alongside William “BAM” Sparks, Jerome Howard, and Al Adjahoe are on a mission to change the world through technology and are one step closer to helping to close the digital divide that plagues the nation starting with the state of Georgia.

A Vision For The Culture

Culture Wireless is said to provide affordable internet service through wholesale and retail partners with a strong focus on the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

According to its website, the company’s “mission is to empower communities with high-quality and affordable internet service.”

It's Levels To Culture Wireless Group

In a study conducted by the University of Missouri in 2021, it was determined that Black communities faced a scarcity of digital resources placing a heavy burden on Black families as they tackled virtual learning early on in the pandemic. 

The company will attack the issue starting through four phases.

The first phase is based on growth. There are many resources that are out there that the community does not have access to, but Culture Wireless plans to change that by starting with helping families to get enrolled into the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which was created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to help families struggling to afford Internet service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Culture Wireless has built an online portal to help sign users up for the program, keep track of government distribution and ensure that customers are satisfied with their service. 

In the phases to follow, Culture Wireless will work toward access and then aim to empower and build.

Community Commitment

Not only is Culture Wireless working to serve the community, but they’re also in the community.

During a Congressional meeting held at the Georgia Piedmont Technical College Conference Center, Woods joined fellow founders to discuss the importance of partnerships that are rooted in the community through Culture Wireless.

“Partnerships are what we are focused on at Culture Wireless,” said Woods. “We want to connect with companies that can help advance the growth and development within the community. It would be beneficial to touch all areas to facilitate business in those areas.”

In December of last year, Culture Wireless even participated in an annual toy drive held by former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal to help equip Section 8 residents in Atlanta with both Internet service and tablets. The list of residents was provided by Atlanta’s housing district.

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A Better Future

“It’s all about evolution here at Culture Wireless,” shared Chief Marketing Officer William “BAM” Sparks. “By evolving and changing the culture, growing the culture — we can tap into the wealth that our community deserves access to. This is probably one of the largest opportunities that we have had in our careers and by taking on this challenge, we can create a lot of generational wealth that we can pass down.”

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