It’s time for these social media platforms to do better — starting with steaming platform Twitch.

From Facebook to Instagram to TikTok, social media platforms have been plagued with all kinds of hatred, especially when it comes to content as it pertains to Black people.

As a true reflection of the world that we live in, social media just reiterates the day-to-day racism faced by Black people across the globe, and it’s no different when it comes to the Twitch platform. It is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and folks who like to share the things that they love with audiences all over the world, but lately, its Black users have been faced with the most ignorant and outright disrespectful comments.

According to Black Information Network (BIN), the streaming platform trended across Twitter earlier this week after users accused the company of failing to protect its creators.

The creators include content creators of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and women who claim that the company refuses to even do the bare minimum when its streamers are harassed.

One instance, in particular, is “hate raids.” This is where bots automatically spam a streamer’s chat with offensive language and slurs. While this happens across many accounts, smaller accounts are the target for most of the online harassment.

User, @RekItRaven started the latest dialogue around the issue by sharing a tweet from the creator, Soloaimbot.

“Why black monkeys can’t speak English 200 yearzzz jorj floid,” read the messages during the user’s live.

“And it’s happened again,” said Raven in a quote tweet that shared the awful messages. “If you’re taking 1/2 of our income then why are marginalized people still subject to lackluster safety protocols.”

Following Raven’s tweet, dozens of streamers took to Twitter to share similar experiences using the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter.

One user, Omega Jones, known by the name @CriticalBard on Twitch shared a video response that took off across Twitter.

“Twitch, do f***ing better,” @CriticalBard said in a video response to the incidents. “When marginalized creators on this platform, specifically people of color, tell you that Twitch needs to do better? Just listen. People like to act like hate raids and follow bots that say some horrible a** s*** don’t exist.”

As of Aug. 12, the video has attracted nearly 300,000 views.

Although the streaming platform announced Monday that a new feature will now tell streamers why they are banned, Twitch has yet to acknowledge the complaints of its users.