This Black couple is taking their food talents to a store near you!

Chicago natives Perteet and Fred Spencer used their love of sharing great meals with family and friends and turned it into a business through their very own food company, AYO Foods.

“Nothing inspired us more than using our strong industry experiences to create these moments for others by sharing some of our family’s favorite recipes that were under-represented in mainstream grocery stores,” The couple told Black Enterprise.

AYO — a Nigerian term for joy — and the two founders are ecstatic to announce that they have partnered with Whole Foods Market to share those excellent homemade recipes with the world. AYO Foods’ frozen meals are now available  in select Whole Foods locations that include Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma aside from their current availability in Chicago-based grocery store, Green Grocer.

“Frozen was a natural fit as an easy way for people to experience the flavors of West Africa,” the couple said. “We’ve watched the explosive growth of frozen as more and more premium items transform freezer doors across America. In many instances, the source of that growth is ethnic food as people look to explore the world one bite at a time.”

As many have championed for the frozen meals to become patronized in more locations, it is now a reality with their new partnership with Whole Foods Market.