At 21-years-old, Zindzi Thompson will reportedly make history as the youngest Black female to graduate from Meharry Medical College.


Destined For Greatness

The celebratory moment was pre-meditated for the South Carolina native as — from an early age — Zindzi was set on becoming a doctor.

“I have always wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember, there’s nothing else that I wanted to be,” Zindzi said, according to News Channel 5.

Ten years later, Zindzi went to Mary Baldwin University in Virginia to obtain a four-year degree through a gifted program open to 20 women. Although the five-hour move was difficult for her parents, they refused to get in the way of their child’s dream.

“A big part of the process has been letting her go and achieve her goal. And that’s been the hardest part. The academics for her and knowing that she was going to do it was easy, but not having your daughter through those years was the hard part,” Samuel Thompson said to News Channel 5.

Zindzi Will Make History

By the age of 16, Zindzi’s pursuit of higher education led her to Meharry Medical College. Now, she is set to walk the stage on Saturday, May 28. Although her journey is inspirational, it also included moments of uncertainty. However, Zindzi affirms it is important to persevere through the storm, and her recent feat is proof.

“Just don’t give up. Just push through. If you have to re-take a course, re-take it and do better — you can definitely do it, it’s not impossible,” she said.

Following Family Footsteps

What’s more, Zindzi will fulfill a family tradition, joining at least a dozen loved ones who previously graduated from her soon-to-be alma mater.

“It’s definitely a mountain. I’m so, so excited. Tomorrow, I’ll be called a doctor — Dr. Thompson,” Zindzi said, according to News Channel 5.

Zindzi’s next chapter will lead her to St. Louis. There, she will begin a psychiatry residency at Washington University Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.