Streaming has surged in recent weeks, and to ease the traffic, YouTube has limited its video quality. For the foreseeable future, users will first see their video of choice in standard definition, says Bloomberg. To get the HD experience, they will have to toggle that mode.

However, viewing vids in SD doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should cut back on the service. YouTube is still overflowing with useful content that you now have more time to consume. From entertaining tutorials to informational vlogs, there are countless channels that educate, inspire, and boost creativity. Here are five that business owners should tune into.

Roberto Blake

Creative entrepreneur and business coach Roberto Blake has a channel that is never short on business and branding tips. Looking for ways to rebrand during this downtime? Need ways to make passive income? Go on a deep dive into his channel.


Genius has a handful of entertaining series. But with Deconstructed, viewers get a chance to watch the hottest artists and producers breakdown the creative and technical aspects of their top hits. You don’t have to be a rising producer or engineer to enjoy these clips, but if you are, don’t take this peek into the process for granted.


You can learn almost anything on YouTube. Skillshare is an online learning hub for the creative community specifically. Here, you can discover new skills, participate in exercises to keep your creativity fresh and hear from experts.

Matter of Fact With Soledad O’Brien

Every entrepreneur should be in the know. Led by investigative journalist and political commentator Soledad O’Brien, this channel delivers diverse conversation around political news and social issues. Most importantly, O’Brien and her guests share the facts only.


If you need a professional pick-me-up while eating toast, CreativeMornings should be your jam. Much like a mini-Ted Talk, speakers range from fashion influencers to investment gurus, all from which you can gain a lot of insight on how to be successful in your own line of work.

Erin On Demand

Detroit-based startup entrepreneur Erin gives her audience a glimpse into her life as a girl boss. Her YouTube channel offers tips on how to use social media properly and mines advice from other experts via virtual interviews. If you’re looking for career inspo from a personality that feels like a friend, check her out.