The non-fungible token (NFT) game may seem like it’s slowly becoming oversaturated, but people are proving there is room for more with every new entry in the space.

Young M.A made her proverbial mark in the space by dropping her official NFT collection on April 19. According to a press release shared with AfroTech, the New York-based rapper collaborated with Serenade’s eco-friendly NFT platform to make it all happen. Through the partnership, the rapper released an exclusive NFT capsule that highlights specific career milestones.

Appropriately titled after her debut EP, the multi-platinum artist’s NFT capsule (“Herstory in The Making”) pays tribute to the captivating career that the Brooklyn emcee has amassed.

While Young M.A is excited about this milestone in her career, she admits that she wasn’t all too hip to the NFT game when it was first introduced.

“I wasn’t really aware of it until I saw more people doing it in the industry. My team brought it to my attention and let me know it was something that would be beneficial to me in the future,” Young M.A explained.

Learning more about NFTs, Young M.A went straight to work with her team to curate a collection she and her supporters could be proud of.

“The line and title are bold. It is something that will live on for a long time. I will always hold on to it,” Young M.A told AfroTech exclusively.

Photo Credit: Republic Media

Risk and Reward

And while the east coast rapper is aware of her peers releasing NFT collections, she isn’t letting that stop her. In fact, she recognizes that her collection will be different, and it’s an opportunity for her fans, specifically, to connect with her in a unique way.

“I want to present [through the collection] a different demeanor from what people have never seen before. It will be different because I am different,” Young M.A said.

In addition to this specially curated collection for her fans (that she affectionally references as The MAB), Young M.A understands that some people may be skeptical like she was about NFTs and new types of investing and wealth building. While she hopes people in the Black community can use this as an opportunity to learn more and take more significant financial risks, she is not in the business of forcing people to do anything.

“I’m a calm person. I won’t’ force anyone to purchase the collection. Like me, I won’t be mad if people don’t get it. But, I want to encourage people not to get stuck in one way of thinking. We have to take risks,” Young M.A explained.

Photo Credit: Republic Media

The Next Big Thing

Those who become owners of the collection can expect exclusive artwork associated with “Herstory in The Making,” paired with personalized digital perks and rewards.

“It will be exclusive content. It will be nothing anyone has ever seen online before. It will be merch, new music, and more — just exclusive content that will only be for those who tap into the NFT,” Young M.A pointed out.

However, what does this mean for new music?

“Any new songs I make right now will be a part of the NFT. My fans deserve it. That’s the only new music people will get is through the NFT,” Young M.A explained to AfroTech.

From the looks of it, she has a lot of new and exciting things on the horizon, and this new NFT collection is just the start of the next phase of her career journey.

In terms of what’s immediately next, people can catch her on the Off the Yak tour starting April 23 in Portsmouth, VA.

(Also, just for fun, Young M.A’s favorite five emcees are Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Eve, and herself, of course!)