Black-owned spirit brand Nyak has announced today its launch into new national markets in addition to its newly-formed partnership with famed rapper Young M.A.

A press release reports that NYAK’s initial national debut will expand across several U.S. states such as Florida, Texas, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Delaware and Connecticut.

Additionally, the brand has aligned itself with Young M.A to help represent cognac’s influence on Black and Hip Hop culture. Similar to the global impact of Young M.A’s music, Nyak also hopes to have that same effect on consumers.

“Nyak is premium cognac and the culture loves cognac. We want to connect the Nyak brand to change agents in the culture…the artists who push the needle and drive our culture with their innovative artistry,” Nyak founder and serial entrepreneur Dennis McKinley says in a statement. “Our collaboration with Young M.A will be the first of many as we keep our finger on the pulse of what and who is shaping culture and lifestyle.”

In addition to the partnership, NYAK has also announced the launch of the Celebrate Success Artist Series — an inaugural campaign inspired by Young M.A — which will feature today’s most talented, emerging musicians, singers and emcees through a series of live performances, exclusive video content and original social media visuals.

NYAK was also recently featured in Young M.A’s music video for her single “Successful.”


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According to a press release, McKinley alongside founding partners Patrick Charpentier — former VP for Remy Cointreau — and Jerome Hyafil — a former EVP for Seagram’s Spirits and Wines — have all teamed up to combine their 70-plus years of experience in the premium spirits business to introduce an affordable, premium cognac brand to offer a new drinking experience for customers.

As a collective, all three partners have strong backgrounds in marketing, management, business strategy, and communications as well as expert cognac blending.

A press release shares that Cognac houses in France realized the United States’ consumption of the alcohol was moving toward more casual, informal experiences just as Black Americans have begun to prove how much influence they have over cognac brands — one of the sole reasons Nyak was even able to launch.

Now, McKinley, Charpentier and Hyafil, in addition to their dynamic team, have managed to create a distinctive cognac brand that is ushering in a more contemporary approach to alcohol.

For more information about Nyak, visit its website.