TIMEPieces, the Web3 community initiative from TIME, has partnered with GRAMMY award-winning co-creator of VERZUZ and tech CEO, Timbaland, naming him its second Artist in Residence.

According to a press release, the collaborative effort will produce TIMEPieces’ first music NFT collection featuring an original Timbaland beat visually translated into video art by 14 other artists.

Fifth in the collection, TIMEPieces is keeping the creativity flowing with The Beatclub Collection. TIMEPieces and Timbaland recruited the following artists to bring unique and diverse perspectives to the visual representation:

  • ArinaBB
  • Carlos Luna James
  • Danny Casale
  • Daria Klepikova
  • Ed Balloon
  • Gavin Meeler
  • Jasti
  • Jeremy Cowart
  • Jesus Martinez
  • Joanne Hollings
  • Mike Szpot
  • Parin Heidari
  • REO
  • Yvette Hammond

The 14 sought-after artists will create one-of-a-kind videos inspired by the original beat created by Timbaland and his platform Beatclub.

“Timbaland is widely recognized for pushing music and culture forward. As we embark on our first true music NFT experience at TIMEPieces, his leadership as a creator and the great work he is doing with Beatclub made him the perfect partner to pair with artists who could provide their diverse interpretations of his exclusive beat,” said Keith A. Grossman, President, TIME.

Beatclub Collection Details

The latest in the series of collections, TIMEPieces x Timbaland will offer an exclusive limited-edition collection totaling 252 pieces scheduled to drop toward the end of April at nft.time.com for 0.2ETH plus gas. Each acquired NFT will include a surprise pack of ten sounds from Beatclub.

“I am excited to collaborate with TIMEPieces and so many distinct visual artists to bring more exposure to the power of creativity with music in NFTs and to include Beatclub in the process. The timing couldn’t be better with our Beatclub NFT portal going live in the coming weeks for creators globally to collaborate,” said Timbaland.

Additionally, each NFT holder will have the chance to enter a contest allowing them to create their own beats using custom sounds from the Beatclub sound pack. The winner of the contest will receive merch and an exclusive membership to Beatclub including premier access placement opportunities with some of the world’s leading artists and brands.