He made his mark in rap, now Xzibit is looking to do the same in a new industry.

The “Get Your Walk On” artist, born Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, will be scaling his interest in the cannabis industry. In 2023, he launched the “Lasagna Ganja” podcast in collaboration with co-host Tammy “The Cannabis Cutie” Pettigrew, CNN reports. The purpose of the podcast was to remove the stigma associated with cannabis use and to educate listeners.

When speaking on the overarching goal of stewarding these conversations, he said in an interview on “Beyond the Red Carpet with Ny MaGee,” “I’ve seen the music industry go from millions to a billion-dollar industry. And I’ve also seen cannabis, you know, take on the same journey that maybe alcohol did after prohibition. And the misinformation that can lead us to continue to be left out of things is something that I want to combat. So when I say us, I mean people of color, people who have been incarcerated for cannabis, and now as it turns into this billion-dollar business we don’t get to participate.”

He continued, “So the misinformation is something that I want to combat and something that I want to put out there for people from Wall Street to our towns, our city halls and town halls. They should know about what’s happening to legalization, to the actual benefits of the plant, and [I want] to bring this information to people so that they can make educated decisions about what this means in their life in a proper way.”

Now, Xzibit is set to inspire more as the founder of newly opened marijuana dispensary Xzibit West Coast Cannabis (XWCC) located in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, according to Benzinga.

This makes Xzibit the first and only dispensary licensee in Bel Air, the outlet notes.

“The West Coast is more than just a term that describes where we live, it stands for the culture of everything that represents us,” Xzibit stated, per Benzinga. “From entertainment to our beloved sports teams, our car culture, our neighborhoods, and beaches, we are proud citizens of this community, and XWCC is a celebration of all of the above.”