A recent report from The Mirror claims to know who the “world’s youngest billionaire” is.

According to the outlet, the title belongs to a “baby influencer” by the name of Mompha Jr. The adorable 9-year-old is seen on his Instagram flying around in private jets, posing in front of luxury cars, and living in lavish houses — in other words, living life like your average Instagram influencer, and looking adorable as he does so.

What’s more, the outlet reveals that the credit for this “world’s youngest billionaire” goes to the influencer’s father, Mompha Sr. (whose real name is Ismailia Mustapha). The outlet claims that the elder Mustapha bought the boy his first mansion for his sixth birthday back in 2019. And on the “baby influencer’s” posts, his father is often shouted out in thanks for his extravagant lifestyle.

“My first ride BBB…thanks Daddy,” he wrote on one photo, which featured the “world’s youngest billionaire” in front of a luxury car. Mompha Jr. also wears luxurious clothes with the best of fits.

But as the old saying goes, you have to be careful with what you believe on the Internet. So with that said, is this young man “the world’s youngest billionaire?”

Here's What We Know So Far About The Claim

There is no shortage of Black billionaires, and African billionaires — such as Aliko Dangote and Patrice Motsepe — are to be commended for their hard work and extraordinary efforts. But ill-gotten gains — especially those that steal from one’s own community — are another story.

And that seems to be the case with Ismailia Mustapha, better known as Mompha, who is the father of the alleged “world’s youngest billionaire.”

In January 2022, Mompha was arrested and brought before the Nigerian courts to stand trial. According to the allegation, Mompha’s company — Ismalob Global Investment Limited — defrauded more than 32.9 billion Naira ($79 million USD) from people. He’s currently standing trial for cyber crimes and money laundering.

Though he was released on 200 million Naira ($481,000 USD) bail, he had to turn over his passport, so he cannot leave the country.

If he’s convicted, he faces hefty fines and prison time.

So, while we love all things Black excellence and Black wealth, it may not be fair to make the claim about Ismailia Mustapha’s son — just yet at least.