Wiz Khalifa is taking his love for cannabis to new territory.

The “See You Again” artist already had the streets of Nevada buzzing when his cannabis brand Khalifa Kush dropped. Now, Californians can find out what the hype is about as Wiz Khalifa celebrated the expansion of Khalifa Kush at Cookies Maywood. The storefront alongside its various branches across California will house the cannabis brand exclusively.

It should come as no surprise that Wiz Khalifa put in the work to bring a premium line of cannabis into the market. In an interview with LA Weekly, Wiz Khalifa revealed he grew a deeper understanding and appreciation for cannabis following a meeting with Cookies co-founder and Bay area rapper Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr.

“He actually showed me like real plants, and showed me how to cure and things like that stuff,” Wiz Khalifa said, according to LA Weekly. “Stuff I’d never seen and never really even knew about. He taught me about phenos and different genetics, and all of that stuff.” 

After meeting with Milam Jr. several times for sample testing of the newest drop, Wiz Khalifa realized he could contribute quality cannabis into the booming market. Fast forward, and Wiz Khalifa is still enjoying the fruits of his labor as Khalifa Kush begins expanding to new markets.

“It’s been good and it’s been fun to actually be a part of the expansion of recreational marijuana,” Wiz Khalifa told the outlet. “Of course, I’m happy to have my brand in the stores and different states, and stuff like that. And be able to launch and show up showing love, but it’s just all about the plant.” 

Wiz Khalifa Breaks Down Barriers In Cannabis Industry

Khalifa Kush enters a corporate space that has not yet fully embraced diversity and inclusion. NBC News reports many entrepreneurs of color have failed to progress due to government regulations, racism, and lack of capital funding. Wiz Khalifa hopes his newly launched brand will shatter doors in the industry and encourage diversity. 

“I’m really excited,” Wiz Khalifa said, according to LA Weekly. “Part of what I do is just breaking down those barriers and those walls and those color divisions that people see. And as you said, it hasn’t happened overnight, but we’ve been putting in work for a lot of years, probably 10-plus when it comes to this space.” 

He continued: “But it definitely makes me happy and you know that I could just be myself and represent for the community and people who are like me, and even though it might be a process, we’re willing to go through it and take the necessary avenues to get to where we’re at now. And nothing is compromised in the process. So I’m super happy about that.”