It seems like non-fungible tokens (NFT) aren’t going anywhere. While some of the creations using the technology may fade away, NFTs are a tried and tested digital space that investors and technologists believe will stand the test of time.

With each new week comes more announcements about the diverse offerings available in the NFT space. The continued entry into the digital space is a testament to the technology’s sustainability.

Check out some of the latest NFT collections AfroTech has been keeping an eye on.

Deebo Samuel Signs with trumiiNFT

trumii, the NFT collection that celebrates diversity in Web3, announced they have partnered with star wide receiver Deebo Samuel in a press release. The partnership will include a collection of 10,101 unique NFTs embracing self-expression in Web3 and real life, with Samuel as an official ambassador.

“As the metaverse grows and NFTs become more mainstream, we need communities to be socially responsible and represent all backgrounds, races, genders, and experiences – and that’s trumii,” said Samuel. “trumii believes in staying true to yourself. That is a message I can get behind and a mission I want to support.”

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Founded by women leaders, trumiiNFTs will be launching soon. Final details, including mint price, will be announced on their Discord and Twitter account.

“We’re building a community of people who share our vision of inclusiveness in Web3, and we’re thrilled to have Deebo join us,” said trumii Co-Founder Anjali Bhugra. “Deebo is committed to helping trumii make a lasting impact in Web3 for the next generation.”

Breezy And “The Auracles”

Chris Brown is expanding his footprint in the metaverse with his new collaboration with the founder of Renowned, John Dean, according to VIBE. The two are creating an NFT collection based on the Auracle, a black shape-fitting superhero.

“We believe that Web3 has the potential to correct a lot of issues that exist in the real world. Web3 & NFTs will allow creatives to profit from their creations while still owning their narrative,” Dean said in a press release.

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The superhero travels through time and space, influencing the world. With that said, the aim is to have an NFT collection that empowers and amplifies Black creatives in the NFT space. What’s more, Breezy and Dean worked with a Black-owned media company, BlackNFTArt, to develop the collection.

The collaboration between Breezy and John will also include avatars that can be redeemed as tangible pieces.

The expected launch is May 10.

A Sneaker Head’s Dream

Sneaker lovers have been loud about how the market has changed with the influx of resellers. Due to this rising trend, the price to cop a popular shoe is way above retail value. However, no one thought that a digital shoe would be in the same conversation.

Recently, a consumer paid $130,000 for a pair of virtual Nike sneakers, CNET reports. The expensive shoe is a part of a rare NFT collection — the Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks.


The collection included 20,000 NFTs launched by Nike and RTFKT (“artifact”), which is “a virtual sneaker designer Nike bought last December.”

Black History In The Metaverse

The late, great Nelson Mandela is debuting in the digital world with an NFT collection – Mandelaverse.

Minting will begin May 3, and the collection is a collaboration between the Nelson Mandela Family and TinyWins, Phoenix James Art Haus, and Range Media Partners.

The new Web3 project includes four NFT collections to benefit the Mandela Education Programme, an initiative to expand access to books to children in Africa and beyond, revolutionizing philanthropy’s work.

Mandelaverse combines art-forward, 3D NFT collectibles with the utility of digital and physical experiences. Its mission is to provide a revolutionary philanthropic platform to invest in NFTs, empower education, bring resources to Africa and advance equitable change for a digital generation, all in the spirit of Mandela’s legacy.