Twitter is taking a page out of Instagram’s book with its latest experimental feature.

In the recent past, many users have tweeted about wanting a way to share specific posts and it appears that it may be happening.

The Verge reports that Twitter is working on a new feature called “Flock,” which allows only your close friends to view and reply to your tweets.

How Twitter Flock Works

In July 2021, the social media platform initially started playing around with the idea of the feature under the name “Trusted Friends.” Now, with a new name, the feature has continued to be a work in progress since its inception, according to mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

It appears that with Flock, Twitter users will be able to include up to 150 people and update their list at any time. Similar to Instagram’s Close Friends, people that are removed won’t be notified. Another shared aspect between the two platforms is that before tweeting, Twitter will give the option to either select all of Twitter or your Flock group.

Will Twitter Flock Be Official Soon?

There’s no news yet of whether or not Flock will go public anytime soon.

“Twitter is always working on new ways to help people engage in healthy conversations, and we’re currently exploring ways to let people share more privately,” Twitter spokesperson Tatiana Britt shared with the outlet. “We don’t have any further news to share about the feature at this time, but we can confirm ‘Twitter Flock’ is just a placeholder name.”

Invite-Only Communities

Twitter tested out a similar idea to Flock when it launched invite-only Communities in September 2021.

The feature allows users to restrict selected tweets for their specific Community making it “easier for people to form, discover, and participate in conversations that are more targeted to the relevant communities or geographies they’re interested in,” according to the platform.