There’s a new Houston-based academy focused on transportation and logistics, and there’s a Black woman behind it all. In fact, she’s is the first Black woman to own a Houston-based academy of this kind in history.

Meet Tajuana Roberts, the founder of Roberts Transportation & Logistics Academy. The Houston-based academy is an offshoot of her company, Roberts Freight Dispatching Services.

Roberts Freight Dispatching Services became a reality in 2017, in the wake of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Roberts, who was left homeless as a result of Harvey, once provided knowledge on an ad-hoc basis. However, she knew that she wanted to provide a solution for the masses.

Her company helped many people in the Houston area with their displacement issues, and they especially helped women who had been incarcerated and/or came from low-income families by providing them education, training, employment, and financial empowerment services.

And these additional services — “add ons,” if you will — were what inspired Roberts to open up her own Houston-based academy. Roberts, who got her start in the transportation and logistics industry, also has experience in corporate America — specifically in the oil and gas sector — and she took this experience to the academy. Roberts learned the infrastructure to operate a business and took it to the academy.

Roberts Freight Dispatching Services was officially recognized by the City of Houston as the 1st African American woman to own & operate a transportation and logistics academy. The Academy has trained 1500 people around the globe, including 600 within the past 11 months alone during the global pandemic.

The Roberts Transportation & Logistics Academy is an academy that educates, cultivates, and equips individuals throughout the Texas Gulf Coast Region. They provide certified training for individuals that may have been incarcerated, disenfranchised, or displaced. They also provide services to individuals who come from low-income backgrounds or who have significant barriers to employment.