The title of “doctor” has been earned by one of the leading ladies of Afrobeats. 

Recently, Tiwa Savage received an honorary degree from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England.

“Some call me queen, but it’s Dr. Savage from now on,” Savage said in a speech while accepting the degree. 

Doctor Of Music

The “Somebody’s Son” singer received an honorary doctorate degree in music — making her one of ten to be awarded honorary degrees at the institution.

Starting her career in music at just 16-years-old, Kent’s Dr. Catherine Robinson shared at the ceremony that her achievements are “as lengthy as it is prestigious” and “such a track record of exceptional and meritorious accomplishments deserves recognition.”

Tiwa Savage Keeps It Real With The Class Of 2022

After thanking the university, her family, and friends for their support, the Nigerian award-winning artist and Kent alumna took the time to “be real” during her acceptance speech.

She spoke about her failures and being bullied while also listing her achievements over the years. She’s earned two degrees, become the first African woman to win an MTV Europe Music Award, and covered international magazines. 

Queen Of Afrobeats' Acceptance Speech

To sum it up, Savage simply explained that her success has come from never giving up.

“And that’s my message to every single one of you today,” Savage said during her speech. “I know you’re going to be overwhelmed with decisions of what you’re going to do the minute you walk out of this door…My prayer is that you one day will stand like this addressing students because you too have gone out into the world and you’ve overcome and you never gave up.”

She added: “I want you to make a promise today. Not to your parents, not to your best friends, but to yourself that you will become everything that God has created you to become on Earth.”

Savage also went on to sing a brief rendition of the classic inspirational record “Optimistic” by Sounds of Blackness.

Congratulations, Dr. Savage!