This technology company is on a mission to prevent police brutality.

According to Black Business, WestMason — a Black-owned, design and development studio based in Orlando — announced the launch of its first mobile app, MyOneOne.

The new mobile experience — now available on Android and iOS — will provide a personal security network made up of the friends and families of its users.

Due to the problem of minorities who are constantly over-policed and far too often persecuted in their own homes and neighborhood, MyOneOne will give them the opportunity to not only protect themselves but their loved ones too.


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When in danger, users of the app can quickly alert their lifeline and livestream directly from their device. The platform also has a location and chat option and leverages current and future technology to form a community that looks out for itself — something it says previous security applications don’t do.

“We, as a tech community, should start focusing our attention on more than likes and follows, what the next hot product is and how we will sell it,” said Eric Mills, CTO of WestMason. “Instead, create products that use the power of the connected world we live in to help each other. That is the mission that WestMason is on.”

According to Black Business, users can do the following on the app:

      • Create and maintain a lifeline consisting of friends and family.
      • Alert your lifeline when in dangerous situations.
      • Livestream from your device to your lifeline. Video is stored in a secure location for future review.
      • Send location information to your lifeline.
      • Contact emergency services with the same information as your lifeline. Coupled with health information and profile picture.

Click here for more information on how to download the app.